TikTok has been the birthplace of several viral trends. Hundreds of creators on the platform will imitate these trends, which may be anything from a new sound or edit to a dance or a dare. However, the trend remains engaging since each creative puts their own spin on it.


Im Just a Baby Tiktok Original

Choreographed dances set to popular songs are a common form of content that goes viral on TikTok. In its heyday, the dance movement set to the tune of Jason Derulo’s “Savage Love” attracted almost 750,000 TikToks a day from millions of users.

Im Just a Baby Tiktok Original

Others have used it to lip sync memorable movie lines, such Adam Driver’s “Good soup.” Some people participate in or create challenges, such as sending the words of “Jenny” by Studio Killers by text message to a random person in their phone’s address book.

However, it’s not usually a hit song or a famous person who sparks a fad. Sometimes, random folks on the street may catch authentic situations that end up going viral on TikTok.

Simply put, “I’m a newborn.” YouTube star who started the TikTok craze

One of the most widely shared original TikTok trends is called “I’m only a baby.” Jordan Faeh’s account, little.blooming.women, which featured glimpses into her life with her husband and four young girls, was the source of the noise.

As of 2022-02-20, the earliest known version of the ‘I’m just a baby’ TikTok had been uploaded to the platform.

The video manages to be sweet, adorable, and humorous all at once. Jordan makes an effort to have a serious chat with her daughter Coco in this video. Coco, however, is having none of it, and the dialogue continues as follows:

Jordan: Coco, you say “ok” when mommy says “stop,” right?

I’m just a baby, Coco says.

But you still have to say “ok, mum,” as Jordan pointed out.

Coco: (more forcefully) I’m just a baby!


After TikTok removed this video, which became popular, I was unable to access my original account. Many thanks! #justababy

Jordan Faeh did the Original Recording.

Sound became popular among TikTok users, who started incorporating it into their own videos.

The noise first appeared in films of disobedient dogs, then in those of couples who expect their spouses to do things for them that they are perfectly capable of doing on their own, and finally in those of grown children who insist on being coddled by their parents.

We all wish we could use the “I’m just a baby” excuse to avoid commitments, just like Coco.

This Begs the Question: Why was the Channel Little.Blooming.Women Removed From TikTok?

Shortly after its launch, the ‘I’m just a baby’ TikTok fad took an unexpected turn. Despite the fact that the sound was utilised in millions of TikToks and that fans fawned over Coco and her loving mother, the little.blooming.women account was removed.

Jordan’s second account, little.blooming.women2, is where the ban was exposed. Jordan was able to re-upload the widely shared but previously removed “I’m only a baby” TikTok through this account. She also asked for support from her audience in regaining access to her account and its associated followers.

Nobody seems to know why little.blooming.women’s account was removed. Jordan claims that she tried to access her account one day and discovered that it had been removed permanently by TikTok.

Nothing was said to her beforehand, and she was given no reason for the deletion. In addition, all of her efforts to restore access to her account have been fruitless. Coco’s video was reposted by little.blooming.women2, however it has since lost a significant portion of its original’s popularity.

Since TikTok has not provided an explanation and the original channel’s videos have been removed, it is very impossible to determine why Jordan was banned.

Last Words

Some of the users on little.blooming.women2 even suggested that TikTok might have banned the account on purpose to avoid paying the author.

Although a more reasonable justification for the ban is probably out there somewhere, it remains puzzling. No one can deny the injustice of millions of TikTok creators benefiting from Jordan and Coco’s sound while they themselves have had all of their views, likes, comments, and followers erased.