And on this point, we must part ways. Adapted from Charles Forsman’s comic book of the same name, this web series is accessible for online viewing and features a dark comedic tone. On February 26, 2020, when the series debuted on Netflix, it was met with universal acclaim.

Due to “circumstances related to the COVID-19 outbreak,” Netflix announced in August 2020 that the show would be terminated after a single season.

Im Not Okay With This Season 2


How Long will it Take to Complete, and When can We Expect it to be Made Available to the Public?

Currently available on Netflix is the first season of I Am Not Okay with This, which focuses on Syd’s relationships with Stan Barber (Wyatt Oleff) and Dina (Sofia Bryant). She has bonded with them both through intimate one-on-one time.

After cheating on Dina with hip young Jenny Tuffield, Brad (Richard Ellis) steals Syd’s journal, revealing further details about their relationship (Sophia Tatum).

Since the comedy takes a gloomy turn at the end, the Netflix ending doesn’t make sense. This means that a longer-term commitment is possible. This song by Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall, “I’m Not Okay with It,” The reviews for the first season on Netflix were extremely good.

How about Season 2 of “I Am Not Okay with This?”

On February 26, 2020, the first episode of Season 1 of the Netflix original series “I’m Not Okay With This” was released. There are seven episodes altogether, and they range in length from 19 to 28 minutes.

At the season’s finale, Sydney finally meets the man who has been following her around. He reassures her that while he is not someone to be afraid of, her safety should be a worry for everyone else.

The story’s progression would have been fascinating, but that didn’t happen. Unfortunately, some bad news is on the way to the fans. One of the show’s co-creators and writers is Jonathan Entwistle.

The first season was structured in a way that naturally gave rise to many compelling points of contention. Prior seasons would have dealt with this issue. The essayists made a concerted effort to wrap up any unfinished business before season 2 debuted. For some reason, I just can’t accept this.

Who is in it?

17-year-old Sydney Novak, portrayed by Sophia Lillis, finds herself in peril and learns she has magical talents. Mr. Wyatt Oleff portrays Stanley “Stan” Barber, Sydney’s neighbour and best friend.

Sydney develops romantic feelings for Dina, portrayed by Sofia Bryant. Katie’s grieving mom, Maggie Novak, is portrayed by Kathleen Rose Perkins.

The second season of I’m Not Okay With This is packed with unexpected turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Where is Season 2 of I Am Not Okay with This in Production?

Production started in Pittsburgh in June. Brownsville, Pennsylvania’s Wilmerding’s Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School is the outside backdrop for the high school.

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