Many iFolk are having trouble sending texts after upgrading to the newest version of iOS on their iPhones. This message appears in place of the more common “Message Sent” confirmation:

Sorry, but you need to have iMessage turned on in order to send this message. So yet, Apple has not issued a statement in response to this matter. However, we’ve included several approaches that worked well for us below.


Method 1: Verify the Apple iMessage Server

IMessage Needs To Be Enabled To Send This Message

If the Apple iMessage Server is unavailable, iMessage cannot be used. This could be the root of your issue. This occurs rarely, but it does occur occasionally. Please verify before continuing with the instructions below.

  1. Check out Apple’s System Status page (or write Apple System Status on Google and open the very first result).
  2. Notice the iMessage icon with the dot. If it’s green, everything on the server end is fine, and the issue lies with your iPhone.

Method 2: Try Restarting Your iPhone.

Many common problems with your iOS device can be resolved by just restarting it. You should give this one a shot.

  1. With the Power button depressed, you can now see the Slide To Power Off slider.
  2. About 30–40 seconds after powering down, press and hold the Power button again to restart.

Method 3: Turn iMessage On/Off

Fixing “iMessage has to be enabled to send this message” can also be done by turning on iMessage (or turning it off and back on if it was already on).

  1. In the iPhone’s menu, select Messages.
  2. Engage the iMessage switch. (If it’s already on, cycle the power).
  3. You could try texting them.

Turning on iMessage might help if nothing else does. The next step is to restart your iPhone.

Furthermore, try disabling Facetime and toggling iMessage off and on (try both combinations). Please turn off the iPhone and then turn it back on.

Method 4: Reset Your Network’s Settings

Some iPhone owners found success by resetting their network settings. You, too, can give it a go.

  1. To begin, disable the toggles in Settings > Messages. Message via text and iMessage.
  2. To access General, select Settings.
  3. To start over, go to the Settings menu and select Reset.
  4. Select Factory Reset Network Settings and input your password if prompted.
  5. Turn on the switches by returning to your device’s settings and selecting “Messages.” Message via text and iMessage.

Method 5: Instead Than Using iMessages, Try Using Text Messages.

However, if you encounter the “iMessage has to be enabled to send this message” issue when attempting to send a message to a single contact or a group of contacts:

  1. Simply disable iMessage by going to Settings > Messages > Disable iMessage.
  2. If you’re having trouble sending an iMessage, try erasing the first one.
  3. After you’ve deleted the message, try sending it again to the same person.

If it doesn’t work, you may always delete the thread and start over.

Method 6: Stop Using iMessage And Start Using SMS

  1. Navigate to the Preferences menu and select Messages. You must activate both iMessages and Send as SMS.
  2. Choose Cellular once again from the Settings menu. Then, turn off cellular data by sliding the switch.
  3. Again, go to your device’s Settings menu and select Wi-Fi. Stop using wireless Internet.
  4. Launch the Messages app and attempt to initiate a conversation with the contact you wish to SMS.
  5. Initially, the iMessage will be sent out in a blue colour. To send the message as a text, press and hold the speech bubble.
  6. You should select that menu item now. You can now send the message as a green SMS once you make your selection.
  7. Just to double check that everything is still running according to plan, send out another one or two green SMS.
  8. To convert an additional set of contacts from iMessage to SMS, simply repeat Steps 4–7.
  9. You should now select Messages from the Settings menu. Turn off iMessage by toggling the switch.
  10. The Cellular menu can be found in the Settings menu. If you were utilising cellular data, you should turn it back on.
  11. Open the Settings menu and select Wi-Fi. Awaken the Wireless Network (if you were using Wi-Fi connection).

Using this strategy, you can switch to using SMS for your message threads. Therefore, from here on out, all communications with the people you specify in Steps 4–7 will be sent as text messages.