Doja Cat (/dod kaet/ DOH-j KAT) is the stage name of Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini (born October 21, 1995), an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Doja Cat, a native Angeleno, started off as a SoundCloud musician.

After “So High” gained her recognition, she got a joint record deal with Kemosabe and RCA Records. Purrr! was her first EP, published in 2014. Doja Cat’s 2018 novelty song “Mooo!”, in which she makes satirical claims about being a cow, went viral after she took a break from making music and her debut studio album, Amala (2018), was released uneventfully. She released Hot Pink, her second studio album, the following year to cash in on her rising stardom.

It spawned the number one hit “Say So” in the United States, which featured a remix by Nicki Minaj. Planet Her (2021), the album that featured the top 10 songs “Kiss Me More” (with SZA), “Need to Know,” and “Woman,” debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 for three consecutive weeks.


What is Doja Cat’s Ethnicity?

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, better known as Doja Cat, grew up in the Los Angeles area. Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, a Jewish-American, and Dumisani Dlamini, a South African, are the proud parents of Doja Cat.

Doja Cat is therefore of a multiethnic background, being of South African and Jewish-American descent. She was inspired to pick her stage name by her two favorite things: weed and kitties. It’s been said that she smoked a lot of doja (another word for cannabis) when she was younger.

Is Doja Cat Nationality

Can You Confirm That Doja Cat Is Black? I need to know her real name. Many are unaware that Doja Cat was born and raised in Los Angeles with the full name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini or that she is of South African descent.

Her Jewish-American mother’s name is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer. Her dad, Dumisani Dlamini, is from the Rainbow Nation. She is a child of South African and Jewish-American parents, yet her nationality is frequently misunderstood.

Her stage name, Doja Cat, may also contribute to people mistaking her origin. She explained that she is a huge cat and weed lover, which is why she chose those names. She disclosed that the younger Doja Cat smoked cannabis frequently. There are, however, rumors that Archangel was the inspiration for her moniker.

Dropping Out of High School

Doja Cat quit school in the midst of her senior year. In an interview, she discussed how chaotic her path had been. She used to waste her time scouring the web for new songs and beats.

She frequently used GarageBand to create music, which she then shared on SoundCloud. 2014 saw the release of her self-titled EP. The song “So High” was a huge hit. After that, she dropped a slew of singles including “No Police,” “Nunchucks,” etc. Her song “Mooo!” became an internet sensation and propelled her to fame.

Doja Cat Controversies

Doja Cat, like every other celebrity, was labelled as “racist” for comments she made in the past, for which she later publicly apologized. After an argument erupted over a postponed concert, she declared her retirement from the music industry. The operative phrase in her new Twitter bio is “I quit.”

Her $8 million fortune comes in part from her many sponsorship deals. She is quite careful about keeping her private life under wraps, however she does occasionally use Twitter to tease her followers. She has managed to keep her career on track despite the many attacks made against her.

Early Interest in Music

Doja and her family uprooted their lives and spent a few formative years in the Big Apple. The two eventually moved back to California, where she took up piano, tap, ballet, and jazz under her mother’s tutelage.

After that, Doja’s aunt started tutoring her and eventually got her into a school for the performing arts. While still a high school student, Doja started competing in dance fights. Additionally, she would occasionally miss class in order to engage in dance-related online chatrooms. She left secondary school at 16 years old.


American singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer Doja Cat has a massive fanbase. Her career took off tremendously with the publication of her breakthrough track, Mooo! The song went viral and started her career off on the right foot. As a result of her popularity on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Doja’s career has only risen since then.