Dove Cameron, a Disney actress, has become a household name for more than one reason in recent years (you can largely thank the incredible popularity of Descendants for that). Whatever the case may be, we’re all a tad bit crazy about her now.

Fans of the 26-year-old actress, of course, are curious about her romantic life. Who is Dove Cameron seeing at the moment? Discover the answer here.

Is Dove Cameron Dating a Girl


Dove Cameron has a boyfriend?

It would appear that she is presently unattached. At least as of this writing, it seems like Dove is all by herself. The actress has not made any public statements regarding her dating life as of late, and her Instagram account does not feature any evidence of a significant other.

Following the posting of a photo of Dove and fellow actress Veronica St. Clair seeming close, fans began to wonder if the two were romantically engaged.

Dove and Veronica are seen hugging at what seems to be an airport terminal. The celebrity wrote, “My girl, my world.” as the photo’s caption. A distant birthday greeting from eight thousand kilometres away. Together, for all time.

Obviously, this led some people to assume that Dove and Veronica are a couple, but in reality they are just two very good friends who feel like they need to publicly declare their mutual admiration for one another.

Dove Cameron’s ex-boyfriend is Thomas Doherty, who is also famous through Disney.
From December 2016 until October 2020, Dove dated Scottish actor (and fellow Descendants star) Thomas Doherty, and for a while, it appeared that things were going very well between the two.

After Thomas planned a series of birthday gifts for her on her 24th year of life, she celebrated by posting a lovely Instagram caption about him, which she has now removed. Even we can’t deny that it looked like he hit a home run:

17 hours of cake, crepes, balloons, flowers, water sports on a private boat/lake, arcades, pizza, ice cream, and a whole laser tag course to ourselves (surprising me with loads of my friends/family,

some of which I hadn’t seen in a year or more, all there to laser tag because I f—king love it) before ending the day at my favourite little (secret) late-night cafe for apple cider and pool. Whew. Wow, that’s a lot of celebrations.

A great deal of affection was also evident. Dove said in the caption, “I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering what I did to earn this type of love.” Join us now in going “Awwwwwww!”

Dove even shared an Instagram video of Thomas dancing to BeyoncĂ©’s Coachella set in April of 2018 that they have since deleted. Dove said, “I’m going to,” in response to the advice, “Honestly, marry him.”

After gushing over her some more, he proclaimed, “She is just the most incredible person I’ve ever met. Even though she has a career that requires her to be talented, I find her to be the kindest, most patient, and most sincere and loving person I’ve ever met. And they’re very generous and caring. She blows my mind. Truthfully, she is.

Sadly, the Newlyweds’ Blissful State didn’t Last.

Dove announced to her followers that she and Thomas had broken up via an Instagram story post in December of 2020, which has since expired. “We wanted to put the record straight as there have been some speculations and confusion lately about the status of our relationship,” she wrote.

Thomas and I broke up in the month of October. I know this was a tough decision for you, but please know that we still care about one other and plan to stay friends. Please accept our sincere gratitude for respecting our need for discretion at this time.

Dove’s Romance with Thomas wasn’t her First With a Famous Person.

The actress has been dating Ryan McCartan since August 2013. They both star in the Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie. Their April 2016 engagement announcement was followed by their split in October of the same year. Soon after, in December, she and Thomas began dating.

The two first met after she had recently ended a relationship, she said. She claimed, “I avoided him like the plague,” despite her initial feelings of attraction. On the other hand, Thomas wouldn’t give up. A few weeks after meeting Dove, he admitted to her that he was falling in love with her.

Now that she’s single again after her breakup with Thomas and her failed engagement to Ryan, Dove is putting her attention back on herself and improving herself.