It’s good news for Hunter x Hunter fans this week, as the series’ nearly four-year sabbatical will end on October 24, 2022. For many years, fans have been hoping for the series’ return, so this announcement is sure to be exciting.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the mangaka who created Hunter x Hunter, went on pause with the series in 2018 owing to a deterioration in his health.

Is Hunter X Hunter Coming Back

Thankfully, the series was not cancelled by Weekly Shonen Jump but instead shelved until Togashi could return to work on it.

In April of 2022, Togashi revealed that he would be resuming work on Hunter x Hunter. That summer, he launched a Twitter account and began posting works-in-progress images to reassure fans that the series will indeed return.

Several of Togashi’s tweets indicate that he is still dealing with health problems that make it difficult for him to wield a pen, so he has had to find innovative ways to continue working on the series without making his situation worse.

Togashi’s efforts over the summer have culminated in the first full chapter of Hunter x Hunter to be released since November 2018—less than four years ago.

Twitter for the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump announced (in Japanese) on October 24 that the next instalment would be published in the magazine on November 1, 2022.

Western fans of the series found out about the announcement through fan accounts that translated the announcement. Hunter x Hunter’s first English-language chapter since Shonen Jump’s publisher Shueisha launched its app Manga Plus in 2019 will be released in April.

The Next Episode of Hunter X Hunter Will Air on October 24th.

As Togashi has stated, he has written as many as ten new Hunter x Hunter chapters, so readers should be able to look forward to plenty of new material in the near future.

Even if fans just get these ten chapters and nothing else for a time, it should go a long way towards ensuring this beloved series gets a decent finale. It is unknown if Togashi’s workarounds will continue to be effective in allowing him to work.

Whatever the future holds for Hunter X Hunter, at least the series’ return is something to rejoice for the time being. There’s a reason Hunter X Hunter is so beloved, and with the series’ return, its many fans may finally rejoice.