In the latter half of the year 2020, Julie and the Phantoms became a breakout hit on Netflix. Upon its debut, the show was an instant hit with viewers all around the globe. From the moment the series premiered, fans couldn’t stop talking about it online.

For what possible reason then wouldn’t there be a season two? Julie and the Phantoms’ renewal by Netflix should be a foregone conclusion, right? After all, shows that have performed worse are routinely renewed. Wrong.

Is Julie and the Phantoms Getting a Season 2


Explain Julie and the Phantoms.

Even if Julie and the Phantoms isn’t for everyone, it has something for everyone who gives it a chance. Show follows a young child and her family as they adjust to life without their mother.

Julie, a little girl with a knack for music, has trouble performing without her mother’s accompaniment. As a student at a school for the performing arts, Julie is unable to adequately perform for tasks as well.

Julie finds a CD in her mother’s studio and plays it, summoning the ghosts of three teenagers who were formerly band members on the album.

Due to unfinished business, these young musicians have returned to the afterlife despite having died prematurely (after eating spoiled hot dogs). Unfortunately for Julie, they still have a lot of unfinished business that requires her to perform a lot of musical performances.

By working together to conquer their problems, Julie and the Phantoms form a band. What the boys’ tragic deaths mean to their families, and Julie’s relationship with her own mother. They get through it all with the help of a fantastic soundtrack and typical adolescent turmoil.

To What Extent Did It Work?

Yes! With unprecedented opening weekend buzz, the show quickly rose to the top of Netflix’s list of most popular and fastest growing original series. Additionally, the show’s internet success encouraged many more viewers to seek it out.

While there are many huge hits on Netflix, Julie and the Phantoms stands out as one of the best. It was popular with viewers of all ages and demographics around the globe.

Even with its commercial success, Julie and the Phantoms received positive reviews. Thirteen Emmy Award nominations were submitted for the 2020 premiere season of the show in 2021.

Wow, that’s a lot! You might be wondering at this point why, if the show was so great, we need to write an article pleading for a second season. The answer to your inquiry may lie with Netflix, which has been unusually quiet on the matter. This one is for Netflix then: If your show was successful across the board, why cancel it?

It’s not Clear Why a second Season is Necessary.

The major points have been covered at this stage. Renewing a critically and commercially acclaimed show that was also nominated for 13 Emmys only makes sense. Of course, Julie and the Phantoms has much more reasons to be renewed than those already mentioned.

Lots of people came out to show their affection for their favourite TV programme characters. An outpouring of affection from viewers is to be expected when a show is cancelled, but not on the scale seen with Julie and the Phantoms.

The news of the cancellation quickly circulated throughout social media, and fans quickly organised to create a petition for the show’s revival, which has since garnered more than 190,000 signatures on

Many more fans objected and signed the petition as word spread about the cancellation’s relative silence. As a producer, the legendary and illustrious Kenny Ortega played a role in the making of this programme.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen him in at least one of the many successful High School Musical movies. Fans are holding out hope that Disney+ may pick up the show because of Ortega’s extensive history of working with Disney.

Last Words

Truth be told, we have no idea where this show is headed. Supporters can only keep signing petitions and crossing their fingers that it gets picked up by another provider. It’s possible that if Ortega moves Julie and the Phantoms to a new streaming site, he could be the one to bring the show back.