It is not a new phenomenon for audiences to presume that actors portraying gay roles are themselves gay. Noah Reid, who played David’s lover on Schitt’s Creek and is also a Canadian actor, is in a similar situation.

However, the public knows very little about the actor’s private life. In order to answer the question, “Is Noah Reid gay?,” we must investigate his past and present thoroughly.

Is Patrick From Schitt's Creek Gay in Real Life


Would it be Accurate to Say that Noah Reid is Gay?

In the Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, Noah Reid played Patrick Brewer, David Rose’s romantic interest. Many viewers have assumed since then that the actor is gay in real life, like his on-screen doppelganger Dan Levy. In Noah Reid’s instance, however, this seems to be untrue. Noah Reid is not gay, despite the hopes of many of his followers. Information we have suggests that Noah Reid is a heterosexual male.

Noah, when asked about his involvement in an interview, said, “I didn’t feel a need to portray anything or put on anything other than the feelings the character had for David Rose.” In addition, he said, “I think we all realise at this stage of the game that sexuality is a continuum and gender is a spectrum.”

In the meantime, Noah married his long-time girlfriend Clare Stone in July of 2020. Preceding this year (2019), he and Clare announced their engagement with an Instagram photo. This photo was accompanied by the caption “Roommates For Life,” as he put it.


A voice-over artist at the outset of his career in show business, Noah Reid has since moved on to bigger and better things. Noah began voicing Franklin in 1997 and continued to do so through 2004. On the other hand, in the same year, Reid lent his voice to Pippi Longstocking’s antagonist, Tommy Settergren.

Thereafter, he continued his career as a voice actor, lending his talents to such animated series as Tales from the Cryptkeeper (1993–1999), Bad Dog (1998–2000), and Babar: King of the Elephants (2000–). (1999). In the TV series Jane and the Dragon, Noah voiced the character Gunther Breech (2006).

In addition, Noah portrayed Marshall Wheeler in the 2002 science fiction television series Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. In 2005, Reid starred in “As the Whirly Turns” and the TV movie Terry. Meanwhile, Noah landed his first main part in a musical in 2010 with Score: A Hockey Musical.

His first album, Songs from a Broken Chair, was published in 2016. His major break came in 2017, when he landed the role of Patrick Brewer on Schitt’s Creek. The man David Rose has feelings for is named Patrick Brewer.