Colorado is where Isabella Guzman calls home. She was incarcerated for stabbing her mother 150 times in 2013.

At the time, she was just a young adult of 18. Recently, her video on TikTok attracted a lot of attention after going viral. They thought she was innocent and thought she should be set free. Many people admired her “beautiful face” and “cuteness.”

Isabella Guzman Where is She Now


How come Isabella Stabbed her Mom?

At first, Isabella was infamous for supposedly stabbing her mother 79 times. In spite of this, additional examination revealed that the victim had over 151 wounds all over her body.

Isabella was discovered by detectives to be different from other kids her age. She never laughed or showed any interest in her family or friends.

She was revealed to have harboured deep feelings of animosity and resentment toward her mother. Due to financial constraints, Isabella’s family was unable to provide her with many of the toys and games she craved as a child.

That would cause tension in the household. But Isabella’s parents hoped that as she got older, she’d have more empathy for their monetary predicament.

Home the wake of her father’s departure, Isabella moved in with her mom. When her mom started dating Richard, everything went downhill quickly. Isabella did not approve of her father being replaced, and this led to further friction and conflict in the family.

Isabella’s threats against her mother and her vow to “make her pay” for how “she had been handled” were revealed.

Her mother and boyfriend reported Isabella’s threats to the police out of fear that she could actually carry them out.

Her father made an attempt to talk sense into Isabella after they had an altercation one night.

Richard heard Isabella’s mother screaming from the upstairs bathroom on that fateful day. She was locked inside as he hurried to help her. Just by being there, he heard Isabella repeatedly stab his partner.

A report stated that Isabella stabbed her mother multiple times in the face, neck, and body. Isabella fled the crime site but was quickly apprehended by undercover police.

Did Schizophrenia Affect Isabella?

Isabella told the police who were looking into the case that she heard voices telling her what to do.

In many people with Schizophrenia, this is the most noticeable sign. She said she was compelled to take her mother’s life by supernatural forces that informed her it was necessary to do so for the sake of the world.

Her Schizophrenia diagnosis was supported by medical testimony presented in Arapahoe County Court. The psychiatrist diagnosed her with severe Schizophrenia and stated she’d been struggling with it for a long time.

In light of the evidence presented, she was ruled not guilty by reason of insanity. She was admitted to the Pueblo Mental Health Institute when she turned 18.

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Should Isabella be Allowed to go Free Now that She Seems Ready?

More over seven years have passed since Isabella entered the Mental Health Facility, yet she is eager to leave in 2020.

Through a computer video in the facility, Isabella told CBS4: “I was not myself when I did that, and I have now been returned to full health.”