The Intel Killer Control Center is a tool that analyses your apps and prioritises them so that your most bandwidth-intensive applications get priority. Without it, every application that connects to the Internet is treated equally, resulting in substantially slower rates.

Consider the following scenario: you’re playing a data-intensive game while simultaneously streaming a YouTube video and downloading a huge file. Your game may have troubles if you don’t have the Intel Killer Control Center because it has to divide its bandwidth equally.


With the Intel Killer Control Center, the game will be granted unlimited bandwidth, while the video will be slowed (which means it will likely buffer a little longer at first, but eventually work perfectly), and your download will be prioritised last.

If you’re watching a streaming video but not gaming, the streaming video will take precedence, resulting in substantially better playback and fewer buffering.


How To Uninstall Intel® KillerTM Control Center?

Even if you aren’t gaming, the Intel® KillerTM Control Center can help speed up your browsing experience. Our prioritising algorithm will slow background downloads like Windows Update to streamline data travelling to your browser on connections with limited bandwidth, such as shared hotel Wi-Fi.

Of course, gaming comes first, but we still want your machine to be as snappy as possible while you aren’t gaming. However, because the Intel Killer Control Center is designed to accomplish its job with minimal user interaction and a modest resource footprint, you may opt to uninstall it.

As a result, if you have a problem that you believe is caused by the Intel Killer Control Center, we strongly advise you to consult the Intel Killer Control Center FAQ. If you’re having issues, you might be able to fix them by reinstalling the most recent version. To learn how to clean-install the Killer Control Center, go here.

If you want to uninstall the Intel Killer Control Center, however, follow these steps:

Manually uninstall the Intel Killer Control Center:

Step 1: Go to the search bar on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Go to Apps & Features and type in.

Step 3: From the list, select the Killer Control Center.

Step 4: Select the option to uninstall Killer Control Center from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Start your computer by pressing the Start button.

Killer Gamefast Technology

With the advancement of technology and the growing popularity of video games, gamers now expect a pleasant gaming experience. It now consumes CPU cycles in some operating systems, and the game is unable to use them as required.

Killer GameFast Technology, on the other hand, always prioritises games over all other traffic. When you launch a game on a computer with Killer GameFast activated. The Killer Prioritization Engine will then detect the process and stop all other processes that aren’t essential to play the game.


1. Faster Gameplay – Killer GameFast Technology can free up to 10% of your CPU cycles and 20% of your memory, allowing you to have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

2. It’s Simple to Use – It’s really simple to use. Simply enabling Killer GameFast on the computer will accomplish the task. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to lift a finger after that.

3. Fully Customizable – All settings can be changed to suit the user’s preferences. The only thing we can adjust according to the user’s preferences is ‘adding or removing processes to be stopped.’

Killer x Tend Technology

The Killer Wi-Fi Adapter is used as a wireless extender in Killer xTend technology. Instead of connecting all of your devices to the router, such as phones and laptops, you can effortlessly connect them to the Killer xTend PC. You may effortlessly configure and use this Killer Technology to extend the Wi-Fi range of your home.


1. Wired Internet Connection — Running wiring throughout your home is obviously inconvenient. When too many wires tangle and overlap, it feels extremely chaotic. Instead, you can use the Killer xTend enabled computer to have wired access.

2. Eliminate bad Wi-Fi Signals – If you’ve been sweating over a slow or weak Wi-Fi connection for a long time, it’s time to retire your old connection and replace it with Killer xTend Technology, which will offer you with a high internet connection.

3. Killer xTend’s powerful prioritisation – will constantly prioritise traffic related to gaming demands on your computer or other devices, allowing you (the user) to have a good time and a pleasant gaming experience. It would also ignore extraneous traffic from other connected devices, which will enhance the rich game experience.


As you can see from the above-mentioned article, killer control services is nothing more than a software application that can constantly scan all installed applications, examine them, prioritise them, and manage them according to speed levels, making them as fast as possible in networking; there is no need to uninstall this forever.

Frequently Asked Questions About Intel® Killer™ Control Center

Q: Is it necessary for me to uninstall Killer Network?

A: It won’t hurt anything if you leave it uninstalled, but you might see it again in the future if it has something to do with your computer’s Wi-Fi hardware.

Q: Can this assist me even if my internet connection is more than adequate for my needs?

A: Yes. The Internet speed offered by your ISP and the results of online speed tests are simply estimates of how quickly little packets of data can be transferred. however your network adapter, networking equipment, and modem all send and receive data in streams, regardless of how fast your Internet connection is.

Q: Is it possible to disable Killer Control Center?

A: Disable Killer Prioritization Engine in Killer Control Center by going to the Settings Tab on the left-hand side . Right-click your Taskbar, select Task Manager, then click the Startup tab. Locate Killer Control Center, right-click it, and select Disable from Startup from the drop-down menu.