LG says that it has been successful in developing a new material that can create and as well as provide for the displays with “a surface as hard as glass and folding parts as flexible as plastic.” That sounds almost poetic to the ears.

Obviously, they can not just go without naming it, so they have given it a name. They have called it “Real Folding Window”. Thus according to them, it is the new material that essentially could revolutionize flexible smartphone displays. This is indeed something very useful and can be revolutionary if it is actually meeting all the claims that LG has been making.

LG's New Formidable Display Bend Both Ways

It is now paving the way for durable screens, and this will ultimately be the one that eliminates the troubling issues such as creasing that a lot of people face, if not all. The new technology is so good that it will enable both inward and outward bending. The implications for this are great. There is so much that can be done with it. It is an exciting prospect that could lead to the creation of completely new handset designs.

They have not actually released a lot of info about this material. They have only claimed that they would be able to bend the material both ways, and there would be no crease. What this mysterious material is yet not known. So what we can do now is wait. What is the reality? Does this new material live up to the claims that have been made? No one knows. The questions are many, and many theories are also going around. But what is the actual fact can only be seen when the material comes out. So if you are waiting for this, then you will definitely find that we are in the same boots.