Many people who utilize social media have been permanently traumatized after discovering the Lola Bunny Challenge has returned to the web. Just so you know, when last year’s Space Jam: A New Legacy came out, the vast majority of moviegoers had problems with the Looney Tunes character’s redesign. Zendaya provided the voice of Lola Bunny.

Some viewers believed that the character of Lola was being objectified as she was given more traditionally feminine characteristics. Lola wore miniskirts and crop tops throughout the film. At that point, the Lola Bunny Challenge began to rapidly spread across social media platforms. Keep reading to get the details on the test.

Lola Bunny Challenge


What is Lola Bunny Challenge

You read that correctly. On Know Your Meme, you may learn more about the history of the Lola Bunny Challenge. The site has also forewarned readers about the presence of sexually explicit content. So, read at your own peril.

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After an artist named Chelodoy posted a piece of fan art portraying Lola Bunny on several social media sites, the distressing tendency apparently became public knowledge. The Lola Bunny Challenge has recently been popular again, as evidenced by its trending status on Twitter. We would prefer that you avoid the challenge, as would many others.

How Did The Netizens React to The Lola Bunny Challenge?

Upon discovering the Lola Bunny Challenge, many users of the social media platform were taken aback. They’ve even asked the public to avoid the test of their mettle.

Warnings about the Lola rabbit challenge have been sent on social media, with one person tweeting, “Don’t search Lola bunny challenge,” and another user writing, “Don’t search Lola bunny challenge on here because some of those things look disgusting.”

What was the ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Controversy?

Many people were dissatisfied with the way Lola was recast in Space Jam: A New Legacy. Filmmaker Malcolm D. Lee addressed the issue, saying he set out to create a “fully realized Lola.” Malcolm stated, “This is 2021,” during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Strong, independent women should be portrayed accurately. She’s the most like a real person of any of the Tunes because she doesn’t have any of the stereotypically alien traits.

What Is The Lola Bunny Challenge Meaning Explained As It Goes Viral On TikTok And People Ask Not To Google It

When last year’s Space Jam: A New Legacy opened theaters, several critics panned the film for its reimagined Looney Tunes character. Fans at the time thought the character was being objectified when Lola was given more feminine traits.

Lola’s character wore mostly skintight shirts and shorts throughout the film. Users’ moods were already low before the Lola Bunny Challenge became viral at the same time. Know Your Meme has cautioned its readers to continue with caution due to the graphic nature of the Lola Bunny Challenge.

According to our sources, the unsettling practice began after artist Chelodoy shared a fan-created image of Lola Bunny on his social media accounts. In 2022, however, the challenge has returned on Twitter, and many users have begun warning others not to participate.

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TikTok is back with a new challenge after bringing us the viral “Hey Lol” by Khaleel trend in February. The creators of viral videos on the video sharing platform TikTok work nonstop.

The latest viral sensation on TikTok is the Bugs Bunny Challenge, which has nothing to do with everyone’s favorite cartoon rabbit and everything to do with flaunting one’s derriere (or one’s new socks, perhaps).

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