Microsoft’s new Windows 11 just came out and people are going crazy over it.  Windows 10 was supposed to be the last of the series of operating systems that they were going to create but after a long period of time, they have come back with a bang with their new Operating system that was launched a few days ago.

The features are all new and improved and they also brought along with the good news for the developers. The tech giant will allow them to use their own or a third-party commerce platform in their apps starting on July 28th. If they are going to do so then that means that the developers do not have to provide a cut to the Microsoft company, they can keep 100% of the revenue that they earn. This is indeed good news for the developers.

Microsoft's Zero Percent Cut On Windows Apps Does Not Include Games

They used the term ‘app developers’ while making the statement. However, it was later confirmed by Microsoft that this zero percent cut is not applied to games as apps. Microsoft makes a lot of money from their game commissions and they are not going to let that amount of income just go.

They admitted that they are going to lower the rates of the commission a little bit from the 1st of August but they are not going to absolutely forgo it. The revenue that they earn from the game commission allows them a lot of freedom in other fields like selling Xbox at a loss. However, the lowered commission rate is still welcomed gladly by the game developers. It will also be beneficial to them in the long run.