Montserrat Caballé, an opera soprano arguably best known for her duet with Freddie Mercury, is being honoured with a dramatic tribute on today’s Google Doodle.


Montserrat Caballe Why Google Honours Her Today

Maria de Montserrat Bibiana Concepción Caballé I Folch was born on April 12, 1933, in Barcelona. She always loved singing, so she started taking lessons at a young age.

Montserrat Caballe Why Google Honours Her Today

After relocating to Switzerland in 1956, Montserrat Caballé made her operatic debut in a replacement role in Puccini’s La bohème. Over the next decade, her fame spread throughout Europe.

To be sure, Cabellé’s big break came when she was invited to play in a 1965 Carnegie Hall production of Lucrezia Borgia. Her debut opera in the “bel canto” style, it catapulted her to international stardom and earned her the moniker “La Superba.”

The recording of La bohème she made three years later won her the Grammy for best classical vocal performance.

Montserrat Cabellé was reintroduced to the modern audience in 1987 when she sung a duet with Freddie Mercury of Queen titled “Barcelona.”

The song was produced and recorded to serve as the anthem for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. The results of the cooperation between the two stars, a full album, were released the following year.

As a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and founder of a foundation for underprivileged children, Caballé also spent a significant portion of her life doing good deeds and assisting the less fortunate. Barcelona was the final resting place for Montserrat Caballé on October 6, 2018.

Last Words

Google’s Montserrat Caballé Doodle features the singer donning a rose-covered flowery ensemble. Because this is a Google homepage logo, the company’s name is spelled out, with Caballé’s imposing attitude serving as the “oog” in “Google.”

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