Season 2 of Never Have I Ever included a number of memorable episodes. Among these are Devi’s poor choices, Paxton’s impromptu woodworking session, and the arrival of Ms. Warner, the college guidance counsellor. Season 1 does not feature her as a recurring character. But in the Season 2 episode of Never Have I Ever titled, “…Opened a Textbook,” Ms. Warner, played by Alexandra Billings, is brought in.

Her primary objective is to break it to Paxton that he has zero shot at receiving a swimming scholarship to an Ivy League institution.

Never Have I Ever Cast College Counselor

But besides delivering some terrible news to our resident former swim star, who is the college counsellor on Never Have I Ever? Because of viewers’ rapid enthusiasm for her, she’ll probably be back if there’s a Season 3. And the actress who plays her has a laundry list of other high-profile performances throughout the years.

It’s likely that you’ve seen the actress in another role.

Who is the Guidance Counsellor on ‘Never Have I Ever’?

Aside from her professional life as a no-nonsense college guidance counsellor on Never Have I Ever, not much is known about Ms. Warner’s private life. Nonetheless, it is made abundantly obvious that she also coaches the cross country squad on the show. She’s also in charge of the 24-hour relay race that Devi is compelled to participate in to bring up her P.E. grade.

Who portrays the college counsellor in ‘Never Have I Ever’?

The actress who plays Ms. Warner is Alexandra Billings. She’d previously appeared on The Conners in a recurring role before Never Have I Ever. Plus, in the 2005 TV drama Romy and Michele: In the Beginning, she became just the second openly transgender woman to play a transgender character.
Besides acting, Alexandra collaborated on the production and narrated the audiobook Owning It, which is about the LGBTQ community taking pride in their identity via storytelling.

Moreover, Alexandra has been happily married to her wife since 1995, and the couple’s many travels and get-togethers with friends and family are chronicled all over her Instagram account.

Besides her Film Career, Alexandra Billings has Also Established herself as a Broadway Star.

Alexandra’s most recent work in the entertainment industry appears to be on television, but she is also well-known for her performances on Broadway. It was a watershed moment in her career when she was cast as Madame Morrible in Wicked in 2020.

While she spent her formative years performing on stage, she has transitioned into more behind-the-scenes responsibilities in recent years.