After his mother’s funeral and interment, Norton Louis Philip Knatchbull, the 8th Baron Brabourne, would be formally styled as the 3rd Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

He was the first child of Lady Patricia Mountbatten (eldest daughter of Louis, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma) and John, the 7th Baron Brabourne, and was born on October 8, 1947, in London. Their marriage to Penelope Eastwood is a happy one.

Norton Knatchbull 3rd Earl Mountbatten of Burma


Mountbatten of Burma

Following the assassination of his grandpa by the Irish Republican Army in August 1979, the Hon. Norton Knatchull succeeded to the Mountbatten earldom in his mother’s own right and took the title of Lord Romsey. Louis’ two daughters and any male descendants from them were given a special remainder of the earldom.

After the death of Edwina Ashley in 1960, Norton inherited the Broadlands estate from his grandfather. There will be no cost to the estate.

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It is Expected that Lord Brabourne will be Given the Title of Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

He will still be known as Baron Brabourne, although the earldom is a greater peerage. Both of those honorifics are part of the British peerage.

Now the fate of the Brabourne name must be decided. Nothing. In the event of his passing, Norton will continue to hold the title of Baron Brabourne, and the Hon. Nicholas Knatchbull, his lone son and the current holder of the Knatchbull baronetcy, will inherit both peerages.

The new earl can give his son a different courtesy title than Lord Romsey, such as the Barony of Brabourne. You can find an example of this somewhere.

James George Alexander Bannerman Carnegie, courtesy title Lord Carnegie, became the 3rd Duke of Fife in 1959 after succeeding his maternal aunt, Princess Arthur of Connaught. Lord Carnegie was heir to the earldom of Southesk, which had been held by his father. Even after his father’s death, he was still the earl’s rightful heir.

When the Earl of Southesk passed away in 1992, his son Charles, who was then styled as the Earl of Macduff (a subsidiary title for the Fife dukedom), was elevated to the position. The Duke’s son was given permission to use the earldom of Southesk as a style, although the Duke himself retained the title (but not as the peer.) Having inherited the Scottish estates of the Southesk family, this was possible.

After the Death of the Third Duke in 2015

After the death of the third duke in 2015, Lord Southesk became the new duke. Charles, his eldest son, has assumed the title of Earl of Southesk.

As a result, it’s likely that the next Earl will follow suit, changing Nicholas’ courtesy title to Baron Brabourne rather than Baron Romsey.

To clarify, Nicholas is single. The Earl of Mountbatten is currently held by Ashley Hicks, who is sixth in line after the Hon.

Michael-John Knatchbull (Norton’s brother), the Hon. Philip Knatchbull (Norton’s brother), Frederick Knatchbull, and John Knatchbull (both sons of Philip), the Hon. Timothy Knatchbull (Norton’s brother), Milo Knatchbull, and Ludovic Knatchbull (both sons of Timothy), and finally the Hon

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After Ludovic Knatchbull, there are More Male heirs to the Brabourne Barony.

They are descended from the youngest son of the first Baron, the Hon. Adrian Norton Knatchbull-Hugessen.

In addition to being one of the Duke of Cambridge’s godparents, the new earl is the godson of the Duke of Edinburgh.