NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error: NVIDIA is a software driver for NVIDIA Graphics GPU that is installed on your computer. It helps the device communicate with its Windows operating system and display graphics. It is a very essential part of the PC, as, without it, the hardware of the computer would be unable to function correctly.

Every time you download an NVIDIA video card driver on your PC, a Control Panel for the same automatically appears on the driver. It can then be used to modify and adjust the settings and configuration of the NVIDIA hardware. The Control Panel serves as a key for utilizing the software.

Having established its importance, as a user- it would certainly be disturbing to find out that this Control Panel is missing in your computer! In the recent past, numerous users have reported an issue where they are unable to locate the panel on their desktop altogether. It very likely to create a situation of panic for the user, as, without the adapter, their computer’s graphics will no longer display in the desired manner.

But not to worry, you are not the only one experiencing this problem. A vast number of people have encountered this error in the past, and have been able to solve it too. If you are someone seeking resolution for it, you have come to the right place.


What is the NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error?

As stated before, the NVIDIA Control Panel Missing error is a simple one. It occurs primarily when the Control Panel vanishes from your computer, thus restricting you from editing and managing the graphics settings for your PC.

However, as simple as the error seems, the solutions to rectify it are not of the same level. They are slightly more complicated and lengthy, but you should be able to achieve desired results if you abide by the steps appropriately.

What Causes the NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error?

After conducting individual researches and digging deeper into the issue, it was found that the primary reason why this error is occurring is associated with the Windows Security Update. It was reported that only after the update happened, this error was encountered on a large scale.

How to fix the NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error

There are numerous ways you can go about resolving this error, so a few are list below for your reference. Make sure to abide by each and every step of the process; only then will you be able to bring your Control Panel back successfully.

Method 1 – Uninstall and Re-install the Graphics Driver

The first and the most recommended solution is to uninstall and reinstall the NVIDIA Graphics Driver on your computer. It will eliminate any compatibility-related issues, and in a way, restart the process of the software’s functioning too. Once done, a fresh Control Panel should appear on your computer, hence resolving the issue. The steps to go about it are as follows:

Step 1 – To start with, press the Windows key and the alphabet ‘R’ at the same time to open the Run Command dialog box.

Step 2 – Manually type in “devmgmt.msc” into the field and press Enter. It will redirect you to the Device Manager of your computer.

Step 3 – On the new screen, expand the entry that says ‘Display Adapters’ by clicking on the small arrow next to it.

Step 4 – Once expanded, right-click on the NVIDIA driver and select ‘Uninstall’. Let it complete the process.

Step 5 – Once the removal is complete, restart your system.

Step 6 – Finally, after rebooting, you can go to the official website and reinstall the Driver once again. Check to see if the Control Panel is back.

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Method 2 – Unhide Your NVIDIA Control Panel

In a lot of cases, the NVIDIA Control Panel in your system could automatically be hidden while getting updated to the newer version; hence vanishing from your computer. In order to make it appear again, follow the given steps:

Step 1 – Start by opening the Control Panel of your desktop.

Step 2 – In the Control Panel, switch the View to ‘Large Icons’.

Step 3 – When the large icons display, navigate to the NVIDIA Control Panel and click on it.

Step 4 – Next, click on ‘View’ or ‘Desktop’ (whichever button is available on your computer) and then on ‘Add Desktop Context to Menu’ to check it.

Step 5 – This should add the Panel on the menu when you right-click on the desktop screen. Check if it works.

Method 3 – Restart NVIDIA Services on Your System

Sometimes, the reason for the Control Panel going missing could be that it has become corrupt. In this case, restarting the NVIDIA services on your computer could be the most suitable solution. Follow the given steps to go about doing it:

Step 1 – Press the Windows key and ‘R’ simultaneously to open the Run Command.

Step 2 – Type in the word “services.msc” in the dialog box and press Enter.

Step 3 – This will take you to the Services tab in the Task Manager of your computer. Here, click on ‘Open Services’ next to the gears icon.

Step 4 – Navigate to the NVIDIA service and right-click on it. Click on ‘Properties’ from the menu.

Step 5 – In the properties, change the Startup Type to ‘Automatic’ if it has not been set to that from the beginning.

Step 6 – Then, hit the ‘Stop’ button and wait for a few moments. It will end the service from being conduct. After a while, click on ‘Start’ and then Apply your changes, followed by ‘OK’.

Method 4 – Update the Graphics Driver of Your System

For a lot of users, the reason why they were unable to locate the NVIDIA Control Panel on their system was that either they were using an improper graphics driver, or because theirs was merely outdated.

To avoid such situations, you should make sure your adapter is up to date and appropriate for your computer. To do this, just go to NVIDIA’s Driver Downloads page and look for the right driver that is suitable for your desktop.

You can even find respective updates on the same page. This process does require a considerable amount of time, but it can be the key to solving your problem.

Method 5 – Do Not Overclock Your GPU

A lot of users overclock their GPU in order to obtain better performance from the computer. Overclocking means changing the frequency and speed of the processor via the settings- usually to a higher value. However, the user needs to be cautious while doing this; as any carelessness can cause the PC to go up in flames, and in this case cause the NVIDIA missing error.

Therefore, reverting your GPU’s rate and frequency to the normal or default state could rectify your problem.

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Without the Control Panel, you cannot proceed with changing your NVIDIA graphics preferences, so it is absolutely essential that you can bring it back well in time. Ideally, you should be able to do so by following one or the other above mentioned methods.