Minecraft OpenGL is a cool way to boast the performance of the game by reducing the load it is carrying in.

The option is available in the “Settings” of the game which ensure its users a smooth and  faster operation of the games. The functionality is achieved by reducing the load of rendering on the system by implementing GPU to not render anything which is not a part of direct view of the player.

Ultimately there could also be a trade off where the GPU performs less but the CPU gets loaded. This option is kept “On” by default so that the users can enjoy the smooth and enhanced functioning of the games. But apart from an enhanced view of the games, users can also get encountered by a message of “OpenGL Error 1281”.



What Causes ‘OpenGL Error 1281’ in Minecraft?

While playing a fully modded Minecraft game, users may encounter a message getting displayed on screen which tells that there is an error loadingOpenGL. There is a high possibility that it may have occurred due to mod modulus conflicts between the game. The reason of such conflict could be due to many reasons.

Some of the popular reasons of error are listed below,

Shaders: Talking about Shaders, they are the graphic settings which are usually in use by the users in their modded Minecraft. If such file is found to be corrupt or faulty, then the message gets displayed on screen.

OptiFile: The file is among the list of third party application whose aim is to enhance the gameplay of Minecraft by providing users with a majority of control of the game. If the file hasn’t been updated or is in error state, the error message gets displayed on the screen.

Version Control: The error is introduced in the system if the forge and shader version do not sync with each other. As a result the gameplay would not be possible and an error message also gets displayed on the screen.

Java Files: Minecraft also make use of the Java file during its game application. In majority of the cases, the Java files is already installed automatically by the game. But if by any chance Java files is not fully installedthe message of error gets popped up on the screen.

In order to solve the errors coming up in the game, you have to make sure that you are logged in as an administrator on your computer and have an active open internet connection.

Popular solution includes:

Solution 1: Removing All Shaders

Shaders are basically the add ons of the game that enables the players to set different terrains and settings. They can also be correlated with the mini mods that enables changing of texture of the game for example: we can change the texture from summer to winter.

A shader majorly takes all there sources of the application, as a result they are prone to conflict the mod modules. Hence in order to remove such conflicts, try disabling the existing shaders one by one and look for which one solves the error message you’re experiencing.

You should prefer trying to disable the latest shader which is added to your system. You can also cut and paste the shader at another location so that you can use it in future.

Solution 2: Updating OptiFile

Talking about OptiFiles, it is a Minecraft optimization tool which has an ability to make the game look better in appearance and faster in functioning. The feature is highly supportive towards HD textures and other configuration options which are needed for modding. The feature also allows its users to have an FPS boast and support shaders.

An Optifile is a mandatory driving force that enables mods to interact with each other. Mostly due to an older version of Optifile the errors gets displayed on the screen. Hence if you’re experiencing any errors while your gameplay, you may check the version of Optifile which is in use by your Minecraft.

If the version comes out to be an older one, just consider navigating to the official download page of Optifile and get a latest version installed in your system. Restart the system before launching it onto the game.

Solution 3: Checking Version Compatibility of Mods

Even after having a check on the latest version of Optifile and shaders the problem of error could still lie on the Minecraft. Another most frequently happening problemof overusing Minecraft could happen due to the use of more than one Mod modules. It usually happens when any of the modules are out of sync with each other.

This means that the any modules out of all other modules are not compatible with other modules or other versions of them. The error will simply be showed up on the screen. In order to avoid such mishap from happening, there is a need for regular check of all the modules and their versions which are installed on the system.

If any one out of them shows a mismatch, the entire game will stop playing. Hence, under such condition, users should try disabling the mod and try launching the game. If you want to check the compatibility of the mod, you can do so by visiting its official developer website.

Solution 4: Installing Java Packages Manually

Minecraft make use of Java files. A Java file is a collection of directories and informational data which are used by several applications during a course of their operation. Most of the mods that are used in Minecraft are Java based and if by any chance they are not installed on the computer, it will create trouble while using Minecraft.

An error message will get displayed. If the Java file is not installed on the computer, you can easily do it manually for following the steps provided below:

Step 1: Right click on This-PC which is present on the desktop and go to properties.

Step 2: A new page gets opened. In this page, go to System Type and check the type of operating system installed in your PC. If the version is of 32 bit, the you can download the Java file from the link provided if it is of 64 bit, use the link

https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=4D6BEAEB1591C81C!6738&authkey=!ADDL0vF2o1uAv8U https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=4D6BEAEB1591C81C!6739&authkey=!AP2fJO5Bb5RQct4

Step 3: Once you’re done with downloading, extract and put it in a different accessible location. Open it and them copy the file version folder that is visible.

Step 4: Once done with it, press Windows + E in order to launch Windows Explorer and navigate through the following path,

C:\Program Files\Java  for 32 bit

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java for 64 bit

Now you can paste the file which was copied to the location. Remember to copy the name of the folder which was pasted.

Step 5: Once done with this, launch the Minecraft mod manager and select Edit profilewhich is available on the bottom of the screen. Under the option of Java settings (Advanced), check for the executable option and try feeding the correct path.

Now restart your PC and launch Minecraft again. Also check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 5: Reinstalling Minecraft

Although in majority of the cases Minecraft recovered itself from the error, but if it does not recovers, there is a requirement for reinstallation of Minecraft game. It is very important for users to know that this may delete all the data for the Minecraft game unless it is saved by the users beforehand.

Hence, before trying to reinstall the game it is advised to take a back up before hand so that the users do not lose important information related to their game. You can easily do so by copying the user data folder from the game’s directory another location.

Step 1: Click Windows + R, enter “cpl” in the dialog box provided.

Step 2: Go to the application manager and locate Minecraft game. From the right click, go for Uninstall. Apart from this, you can also uninstall the application by just executing file uninstaller from the folder directory. In an attempt to uninstall be sure that you have deleted all the mod and temporary setting files.

Step 3: Once done with this, you need to get to the Minecraft official website, put All your credentials here and download the game again. Once the game gets downloaded check for the error. In 99% of the case, the error is removed.

In the surge for download the application again you need to remember your credentials. You won’t be able to facilitate downloading if you don’t remember it.


Games and application do go through glitches and errors when used for a long duration of time. Hence, care should be taken accordingly to minimize errors and maximize smooth running pf the application. Ensure software updates are done well and you’re using the most recent version of modules and the game itself. By carrying out these practices, there are very low chances of errors arising on the system.