Photo Editing Software is generally used for modification and alteration of Digital Photos; Photo editing is basically changing of images. The photo editing software and the apps are used to do certain types of touch-ups and cropping up of the photos. The photos include digital images, films, illustrations, prints, etc. There is some kind of photo editing which is usually done by the hands like airbrushing and rest are done by the Photo Editing Apps or Software.

Best Photo Editing Software - Free Image Editor and Graphic Design

There are various kinds of reasons behind photo editing. Some models use the tools of photo editing for removing blemishes and making their features look sharp and more beautiful. This is usually called retouching or airbrushing, even if Photoshop or airbrushes are not used. Fixing different kinds of errors is also one of the reasons to use photo editing software. (Red-Eye, Contrast, Brightness, etc.), other reasons include useful tricks or jokes and tricking people.

Photo editing can also be used to make entirely new images or photos. Photo editing is sometimes even known as photo manipulation, usually when it is used to trick people. The first known example of photo editing is the photo of Abraham Lincoln in 1860s. Nowadays, online free photo editing Web applications prevail, such as Flickr, Vectr, and FotoJet.


Best Photo Editing Software – Free Image Editor & Graphic Design

The following list provides the names of some of the Best Photo Editing Software and Apps which provides tremendous services in the task of editing.

Application NamePlatformSubscription Type
PaintShop ProWindows/MacBasic/Pro
Portrait ProfessionalWindows/MacBasic/Pro
DxO PhotoLabWindows/MacBasic/Pro
Capture OneWindows/MacBasic/Pro

#1 Inkscape

First and foremost comes the app Inkscape. Inkscape is an app that has the facility of 100% free piece of editing software which is absolutely perfect for budding photographers. One can download the app on the windows or Mac, or can even access the source code if you want to put it as the app.

Inkscape - Best Free Photo Editing Software and Apps

The app has many features like it has a color picker, includes multiple text formats, allows copy-paste cloning, has calligraphy tools and is also available for the extensions and add-ons. Thus, the app is undoubtedly worth giving a try.

#2 Fotor – Free Image Editor & Graphic Design

Following the list is a famous Cloud-Based Photo Editing Software over 300M users. The users can use its free desktop version and can avail of its online editing version. The user can even check the effects on the photos with a scalable editing option. The app has offered a simple user interface that allows opening RAW files and combining images in layers.

Fotor - Free Image Editor & Graphic Design Software

The cloud-based image editing software allows its users to save the incomplete designs and the photographs for photo-editing options, so you can start from where the work was left. Other features included in the software are photo editing suite, HDR effects, filters, and image touch-ups, portrait retouching, designing templates, hundreds of fonts, stickers, and shapes to choose from.

#3 Snappa – Quick & Easy Graphic Design Software

The next name in the list is Snappa. Snappa is an online graphics and design software available online for photographers who want to transform their images into something more. If the person is looking for some options in which he can renovate their images into social media banners, or pictures for blogging purpose, then Snappa is the software which can transform the images by adding new dimensions and effects with ease.

Snappa - Quick & Easy Photo Editor Software

One doesn’t even have to download anything to get the software started. This software includes features like drag and drop photo editing, image dimension templates, stock photos availability, can add graphic and texts in seconds and can even share graphics on social media.

#4 Canva

The next software that makes its place in the Top Free Photo Editing Software list is Canva. Canva is a simple graphic design with a huge following, which operates on a freemium model. Canva comes with multiple editing photo editing tools and products. The users can even download Canva on mobile phones and can avail instant photo editing options.

Canva - Best Photo Editing Software and Apps

The Canva Marketplace includes tons of templates, photos, cards and icons and also allows to creating e users to create the visual content of your site or blog. With this software on your side, you can adjust various elements of your images with a simple drag-and-drop editor feature; add fonts and templates to your pictures if you want to use them on your website and can make them appealing and pleasing to the eyes.

The app has features like options of photo blur and vignette, image cropping and straightening, image transparency tool, design grids and photo frames, stickers and badges, 8000 templates, texture addition, speech bubble maker and photo enhancer.

#5 GIMP – Free Photo Editing Software

GIMP is a free professional photo editing software. It is easy to download and install the software on your computer and avail its features. You can also create image authority with GIMP. The software runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can edit photos of all formats.

GIMP - Best Photo Editing Software and Apps

Many photographers regard GIMP to be a great entry-level alternative to Photoshop, as it comes with a range of features that help with things like photo composition and image retouching. The features included in the software are photo enhancements like corrective mode and vignette, file management and optimisation modes, digital retouching, clone and touch-ups, support for multiple plugging and many more.

#6 PaintShop Pro – Photo Editing Software by Corel

The next name included in the Best Online Photo Editor Softwares & Apps (Free and Paid) list is Corel Paint Shop Pro, the software which is readily available and is one of the best and most straightforward photos editing software option online for people who want a simple but efficient approach to upgrading their images and their photographs.

Though it might not be the most advanced tool in the market at first glance, still it comes with many incredible features that one can avail. It’s a flat onetime fee which starts around $60. The features supported by the app are AI enhanced presets, 360-degree photo editing, fantastic user experience, graphic design templates, photo editing templates, photo editing options like a blur and fix, and tutorial learning process.

#7 Luminar – Best Photo Editing Software for Mac & PC

The next software that gets a place in the Best Photo Editing Software of 2019 list is Luminar, the app which has quickly grown to become one of the most popular editing tools for professional photographers around the world for many reasons. There are no monthly subscriptions which have become the norm for Adobe and other software companies.

Luminar - The Best Photo Editing Software for Mac & PC

The features which the users can avail are AI editor/slider, exclusive filters like sunrays filter, top and bottom lighting filter, Orton filter, blur and focus options, adjustment layers, image layers, dedicated presets for DJI drone photos and many other features which are offered to its users and modify their photographs and images.

#8 Adobe – Best Photo, Image and Design Editing Software

Another name in the Best Photo Apps and Photo Editing Software list is Adobe, which is genuinely the gold-standard when it comes to image editing software and is one of the most used software. If Photoshop comes off as too complicated and cumbersome, then Adobe is the app that can genuinely help you to overcome all your photo-related problems and hindrances.

Lightroom allows you to edit your pictures and photographs in a straightforward, intuitive interface with a host of fantastic features, like face detection for photo organization, camera and lens-based corrections, brush and gradient adjustments, fixing and blurring tools, presents tools, presets and professional filters, customizable sliders and multiple device support and sync.

#9 Portrait Professional – Easy Photo Editing Software

If we are talking about the Best Photo Editing Software for Photographers, then it is just to talk about the Portrait Pro, which is a professional image editor specially designed for photographers who portraits, thus correctly assisting them.

This software includes everything its users might need to edit skin tone, remove blemishes or wrinkles from the face or anything else. Other features include advanced layering options, skin smoothing, wrinkle remover, makeup tools, and award-winning using sliders.

#10 PicMonkey – Photo Editor and Graphic Design Maker

Software included in this list of best photo editing software is PicMonkey, which is a complete graphic design package that allows you to edit photos, make collages, and touch up, crop and more incredible features.

PicMonkey - Photo Editor and Graphic Design Maker

The software helps you develop your design skills and bring out your creativity to easily edit the images and the photographs, and make your work worth your time and energy. With a free trial, you can test out all the features of PicMonkey before you buy anything in the software package, which includes options to edit your photos using specific templates or arrange your images into a college and modify the image or the photos. Plans start at $7.99/mo.

Features provided by the software are, collage effects, templates, blank canvas design, automatic sizing for social media, and one can also print photos, card, canvases and more from PicMonkey directly.

#11 DxO PhotoLab

The next software that makes its place in this list of best photo editing software is DxOphotolab, which is an absolutely solid alternative photo editor. It converts your RAW images to JPG very slickly and very efficiently. And it works great with both Mac and Windows operating systems without any hindrance or trouble.

DxO PhotoLab offers a group of processing and correction tools that meet the needs of real photographers and helps them to manage and modify their images and photographs. Features offered by the software are U point local adjustment technology, manual and automatic mode, customized profiles and a multitude of optical corrections.

#12 Capture One – Professional RAW Image Editing Software

Last but not least, the app which marks its place in this list is Capture One, which is RAW image editor made by the camera company Phase One. It’s similar to the other software on this list, but with some solid distinctions, when it comes to its features.

Capture One Pro - Professional RAW Image Editing Software

The features included in this software are interface customizability where you can change the layout to your liking. Also create and modify keyboards, advanced color editing, streamline collaborations, option to pay a onetime flat time fee and may others.