You may have encountered the notice “Please wait until the current programme is done removing or being altered” if you have ever removed a software and then tried to uninstall another programme.

When a programme is being updated, you may get this notice to warn you against making any further changes to the system, as doing so could cause incompatibilities and cause the updated programmes to malfunction.


Method 1: Putting Your Computer to Sleep And Starting It Back Up

Please Wait Until The Current Program is Finished Uninstalling or Being Changed

All running programmes and apps are terminated immediately upon restart, regardless of whether or not their processes have finished. Windows normally gives running programmes a few seconds’ warning before the system is shut down.

Windows will restart automatically if the apps do not terminate after the allotted time has passed. Please be aware that this may cause the currently-installed programme to lose the ability to complete some of its remaining tasks.

Check if you are able to install or make the necessary changes to the application after restarting your computer.

Method 2: Windows Installer Re-Registration

Windows Installer is a Windows-specific application programming interface (API) and software component used for managing the setup of Windows and its products. Additionally, many apps rely on them to spread themselves across a system.

As a last resort, we can try re-registering the Windows installer. Unregistering the installer causes it to immediately cease any and all operations and remove itself from your computer.

Step 1: As illustrated below, press Windows + S, then type “msiexec /unreg” into the search box that appears, then click “Run” (Press Enter to run the command). Your copy of Windows Installer will be deregistered immediately.

Step 2: To run a command, press Windows + S, then type “msiexec /regserver” and hit Enter. At this time, Windows Installer will be re-registered on your computer.

Step 3: Check to see whether the error notice reappears after restarting your computer.

Method 3: Windows Explorer Restarting

Restarting Windows Explorer from the task manager is a straightforward and quick fix. All of the process’s current settings will be deleted and it will be reset. Managing your computer’s files is made easier with Windows Explorer, a graphical user interface (GUI) for the file system.

Perhaps the programme you are attempting to install is stuck in an endless loop of trying to access Windows Explorer. When you turn it back on, the entire module will be reset, and the alert will go away.

Step 1: The Task Manager can be accessed by pressing Windows + R, which will open the Run dialogue box.

Step 2: To access processes, select the tab labelled “Processes” at the top of the current window.

Step 3: Find the Windows Explorer process in the list of running programmes. A “Restart” button will appear; click it and then push the bottom-left button on the window.

Step 4: See whether the issue persists after restarting Internet Explorer.

Method 4: Restarting Your Computer

Power cycling your computer and setup is another alternative that, surprisingly, helps many users. To power cycle means to switch off and then back on an electronic equipment.

To have an electrical device recover from an unresponsive condition or mode, or to have it reinitialize its set of setup parameters, you can try cycling the power.

Since turning the device off entirely also deletes all of its network settings, this feature is often used to restore factory defaults.You need to power down your computer and disconnect the electricity to the monitors.

Turn off your laptop and carefully take out the battery. Please wait a few minutes before turning the equipment back on.

Method 5: When a Third-Party Application Is Used (Revo Uninstaller)

If you’ve tried both of the aforementioned methods and are still seeing the error notice whenever you try to modify or uninstall a software, you may need to resort to a third-party tool.

If you’re using Windows and want to uninstall a software completely, even from the Windows Registry, you can use an application called Revo Uninstaller. The temporary files folder, Windows startup items, browser history, etc., are all removed.

Step 1: To get the Revo Uninstaller, just download the executable and run it.

Step 2: To get the programme up and running on your computer, just follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 3: Bring up the programme in question. Currently running programmes will be displayed on the home screen. To delete an application from your computer, select it using the right mouse button, then click Uninstall.