A private proxy is a unique IP address that is specifically meant for a single customer at a time. A private proxy server is a genuine service that provides full security and makes your real IP address and location secure.


What Are the Reasons for Buying Proxy Server?

Proxies are used for fulfilling the security and marketing requirements in both the cases of business and personal too. Here, we have mentioned the reasons that will encourage you to buy proxies:

1. Bypass Website Blocked or Restriction

Many sites, including Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and several others, restrict their access to educational organizations. Some countries or workplaces are also restricted from the sites to get access. So, the proxies are very helpful in bypassing this blocked website and gaining access.

2. Enhanced Online Security

Nowadays, it has become straightforward for hackers to hack desktops or mobiles by using the IP address. So, using proxies while browsing makes your IP address hidden and protects it from being hacked. You can easily relax and enjoy your browsing without any threat of hacking.

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3. Online Advertising

Online advertising are often visible to restricted geographical locations that the advertisers mainly target. The users get different ads and web content from several targeted locations. So, using a Proxy will provide you the full flexibility to enjoy any advertisement and enjoy it from various locations.

4. Access to The Internet As Anonymous

As mentioned above, Proxies are used for hiding the exact IP address of the users. Acquiring a proxy and accessing the internet with its help will provide the flexibility to log in to the system without having an IP address. The proxy server offers high speed in comparison to the VPN and makes the process easier.

5. SEO Tools and Web Scraping

The proxies have the features to block the IP address of any device which helps the users to increase their rate of submission successfully. Also, one can easily run many threads on the web scraping with the help of the proxies. It is the reason the users take benefit of the private proxies as the black hat SEO tools.

Difference Between the VPN and Proxy Server

The proxy makes the transaction from the requestor’s side. That means the target won’t display the visibility of the original requestor. Despite the original requestor, the proxy will make itself visible.

Difference Between the VPN and Proxy Server

VPN offers security services between the target and the requestor. There must be no repudiation and authentication among them. Both the requestor and the target must be known to each other.

Difference Between HTTP Proxy and SOCKS Proxy?

Numerous proxy servers are available in the market, but HTTP and SOCKS are the two main proxy servers. We have discussed the below:

1. HTTP Proxy Server

HTTP proxy servers are specifically worthy for surfing or browsing websites as it provides everything at the HTTP level. It costs cheaper than any other proxy server, and sometimes it is available for free. Also, it provides the fastest service as compared to any other proxy.

HTTP Proxy Server

HTTP has some restrictions it provides access for the websites only, and the configuration of every browser is to be done appropriately. Also, the government and Internet service providers (ISP) can sneak into your traffic due to poor encryption.

2. SOCKS Proxy Server

SOCKS does not have any restrictions regarding specific traffic. Due to this, SOCKS is preferred more with greater flexibility. It is not limited to any particular websites, but it facilitates traffic for an inclusive series of applications like file upload or download, email, and torrents.

SOCKS Proxy Servers

SOCKS5 is the latest protocol for SOCKS. Moving on to the limitations, SOCKS are relatively slower than any other proxy and face the same encryption issue as HTTP servers are going through. Also, they have some issues regarding security and privacy.

Difference Between Shared Proxy and Private Proxy?

From the names themselves, it is clear that Private proxies are meant for only one specific person. So there is no tension regarding the bandwidth speed as there is no access for any other person except the user. Moreover, private proxies offer better quality for some applications.

Difference Between Shared Proxy and Dedicated Private Proxy

Talking about the Shared proxies, it must be clear that the IP address must be shared with many other internet users. There is a risk of being banned in the shared proxies if any other user sharing the same IP address gets banned. However, shared proxies are relatively cheaper than private proxies.

6 Best Proxy Server Services Providers of 2020

In this article, we are discussing the best quality dedicated Proxy Server services provider that one can use effectively in 2020. Go through every point and read everything about them before buying. It will help you to decide which proxy providers will be best for purchasing.

1. Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller is well known for its Cheap US proxies. It is a US-based company that deals with the best proxy provider according to the customer’s required purposes. These proxies are free from traffic restrictions and offer a high-quality speed channel of 1 Gb per second. The proxy seller provides its service in different countries like Canada, the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, etc.

The Proxy Seller company also delivers the amenities mentioned below:

  • High security and protection of data.
  • High-Speed networks with stability.
  • More than 300 subnets.
  • Anonymity at its highest level.
  • Provides customer service 24/7 for the whole year.
  • Replacement of the proxy in the next 24 hours, if the personal data of the proxy is received.
  • Discounts in different proxy packages, and will be specifically for personal use.

2. PrivateProxy

Undoubtedly, My Private Proxy offers the best platform for buying quality Proxy Server services provider online. This proxy provider offers fast facilities as well as trustworthy too. Also, we can believe that My Private Proxy accelerates the needs of webmasters. Its price starts from 2.49 US dollars per month.

My Proxy Seller provides the below services:

  • Private proxies for every individual.
  • Provides support to customers 24/7.
  • High speed and excellent network uptime.
  • Automated control panel for managing private proxies efficiently.
  • Target many locations, including 16 major cities in the USA and 8 Locations in Europe.
  • Provides multiple 1 GB per second internet connections.
  • Instant activation of the proxies after purchase.

3. High Proxies

High Proxies is considered the best choice for everyone. This company provides the best service customer supports. Also, they have offered brilliant service assistance for both the username/password as well as the IP authentication.

High Proxy provides a discount for the deals that have been done in bulk quantity. They charge less for every proxy during bulk transactions. Furthermore, it also offers the facility to change the IP address once every month without charging a single penny.

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4. Squid Proxies

Squid service is an old Proxy Server services provider. They offer their customers 24/7 quality service. Squid Proxies are safe, and hence they do not provide sneaker sites or any particular social networking sites. So buying a proxy server from Squid Proxies would be the best option for everyone.

The proxies are fast and provide high-speed connections and offer unlimited bandwidth that is beneficial for using SEO tools. Squid proxies are available at affordable prices with 100% compatibility.

5. Instant Proxies

Instant proxies provide private proxies at a lower price. It also offers the best quality proxies at affordable rates. Customers can use this proxy server for testing the general sites used for browsing. Sites like Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc., can be tested by the proxies offered by Instant Proxies. Instant Proxies also allow up to 10 connections.

A unique thing that this proxy offers is that it works only over IP authentication because they do not use a username as it is unavailable. Customers can optimize this proxy by using it for web mailing. Instant proxies are also used for blocking SMTP.

6. Proxy Fish

Proxy Fish is another best dedicated Proxy Server service provider that offers significant speed progress with relatively low pings. Also, it helps in enhancing high performance.

Proxy Fish can be used only for supporting online gaming, streaming live for your favorite movies, and TV shows. All these can be supportive of the private connection also. Proxy Fish provides proxies with full security. You need not worry about prying eyes as proxy fish offers excellent security.

Questions That Must Come to Your Mind

Q 1. Are there any chances of proxy replacements?

Answer: Yes, some changes can easily help in replacing a Proxy. You will get both options of replacing, that is, replacement of an individual proxy or a whole set of proxies. Generally, users replace their proxies after being banned from a specific site.

After being replacing the proxies, the users instantly get the new proxies to continue with. However, according to most proxy providers, proxies can be replaced only once in a month.

 Q 2. How fast are the private proxies?

Answer: All the private proxies mentioned above offer high-speed connections with a speed of 1 GB per second.

Q 3. How long can the proxies be received?

Answer: Mostly, the private proxies work on automation, and hence the service the provider can be instant.

Q 4. Can the proxies be used for Growth hacking services for SEO or social media websites?

Answer: Yes, proxies are meant to provide the purpose of growth hacking services. However, you should be careful that a single proxy can only be used in one or two accounts and not more than that.