In the Covid struck world the industry of food and restaurants have faced a shortage of staff and this had been an ongoing problem since last year. However, every problem must have a solution and this step taken by the big restaurant chains might just be the solution that we are looking for. Raising the hourly wages does make it easier for the Restaurant Chains to get more people interested in working for them.

“Raising wages is good, and it will attract workers, but we’re also seeing in the data, higher rates of quitting in these jobs,” Lopezlira said. “Long term, I think these employers need to improve the overall quality of these jobs.”

Some retailers and restaurants have tried to take steps to do just that. Walmart and Target, for example, are opting to keep their stores closed on Thanksgiving so employees can stay home for the holiday. Best Buy improved backup child-care benefits and expanded access to caregiver pay benefits.

The Restaurant Chains Have Raised Hourly Wages

Papa Johns: Corporate workers will earn an extra $50 for every new worker they bring into the fold, while the new hires will also earn $50. Existing employees are also eligible for up to $400 in appreciation bonuses paid in increments for the rest of the year.

McDonald’s: Entry-level employees will make $11 to $17 per hour, and shift managers will make $15 to $20 an hour, based on location.

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Darden Restaurants: In late March, the Olive Garden parent announced that every hourly worker across its portfolio of restaurants will earn at least $10 an hour, including tip income. In January, hourly wages will go up to $11, and the following January they’ll rise to $12 an hour.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill: Starting wages for hourly crew members are between $11 and $18. The company also introduced referral bonuses of $200 for crew members and $750 for apprentices or general managers to help it meet its recruitment goal of 20,000 new employees for the summer.