A number of users have mentioned seeing the message “Retrieving data. When attempting to copy or paste data from the Excel Web app, you may get the “Please wait a few seconds and try again.” error message. In the programme, this mistake will be shown rather than the copied data.


Method 1: You Can Copy And Paste The Content Again By Deselecting it

The quickest solution is to deselect everything, wait a few seconds, and then copy the cells again and paste them into the external programme.

Retrieving Data. Wait A Few Seconds And Try To Cut or Copy Again.

While this normally works, there are times when it won’t. Even if you follow the instructions to “Wait a few seconds, then try to cut or copy again,” you should expect a short-lived solution at most.

Continue with the two steps below if you want a more long-lasting solution.

Method 2: Launching Excel on a desktop computer

A workaround for this problem that some users have found is to export the file from the online app and then open it in the Desktop version. Once you have the desktop version open, you can copy and paste without the “Retrieving data” message appearing. If you get the “Please wait while we try again,” error while cutting or copying, give it some time.

A simple tutorial on how to accomplish that follows:

Step 1: Select File > Save as (Download As) > Microsoft Excel in the menu bar of the Excel Web App (or Sheets).

Step 2: It is recommended that you use the desktop Excel application to view the file after it has been downloaded. After that, you shouldn’t see the “Retrieving data” message when you copy and paste. Error message: “Please wait a moment and then try to cut or copy again.”

If this doesn’t work, or if you find the instructions to be too cumbersome, skip on to Method 2 to use Excel’s web app.

Method 3: To Avoid This, Try Switching To A Different Browser.

By using a different browser, some users have been able to avoid this problem. Word on the street has said that IE (Internet Explorer) and Edge are particularly prone to this problem. Remove any “Retrieving data. Using a different browser can help you bypass the “Please wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.” error.