Robert Plant, 73, is often asked when he intends to retire. Fans and the media have naturally been wondering if Plant intends to retire soon after his lengthy career. The ex-Led Zeppelin frontman just can’t seem to wrap his head around this.

It hurt when others would say things like, “Oh, you must have done enough now.” Plant stated in a recent interview with the Telegraph. You’ve had enough of what?” Having enough money saved to retire!

As a result, even after 40 years, you should count your lucky stars that this is still the case. Not having all the facts in hand prevents me from drawing any firm conclusions at this time. Knowledge may always be expanded, and new information can be discovered. Simply expressed, “I really like it.”

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Robert Plant

Robert Anthony Plant CBE (born August 20, 1948) is an English musician best known for his tenure as Led Zeppelin’s frontman and chief lyricist throughout the group’s formative years (1968–1980).

Many consider him to be one of the best rock vocalists of all time because of his outrageous stage demeanor and energetic live shows. Plant joined the band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that year (1995).

Throughout the late ’60s into the ’70s, Plant and Led Zeppelin were extremely successful. Like his contemporaries Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, Roger Daltrey of the Who, Jim Morrison of the Doors, and Freddie Mercury of Queen, he became iconic as the flamboyant rock-and-roll front man.

Even after the breakup of Led Zeppelin in 1980, Plant never stopped performing or recording with other bands or solo.

73 Years Old Robert Plant is Long Way Off Retirement

Although turning 73 earlier this year, Robert Plant has no intention of hanging it up any time soon. Plant has said that he has no interest in the typical retirement activities for men of his age. Activities like limitless rounds of golf or all-inclusive cruises come to mind.

Many have been waiting for years to hear the legendary musician’s final plans. But if his new album with American bluegrass legend Alison Krauss is any indication, Plant has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Robert Plant Believes That Being Singer is a Lifetime Job

The singer continued, saying that performing music is a “lifetime’s profession” that still offers him happiness and joy half a century after his first foray into rock and roll. Plant has collaborated with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss since 2007, more than any other former member of Led Zeppelin.

Raise the Roof is their follow-up to 2016’s Raising Sand, for which they earned a Grammy. Plant’s vocal style has evolved as a result of his collaboration with Krauss, moving away from his trademark booming tones.

His Powerful Lead Vocals

Like with their first collaborative album, 2007’s Raising Sand, Plant, famed for his powerful lead vocals, was given the opportunity to work in an entirely new approach on this collection of tracks. He likened it like going to college at night.

The range of harmonic bending options has me scratching my head. Robert Plant cant believe people ask him about retirement. When I add my voice to the group, they sound like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

He told Entertainment Weekly, “I regarded it as an amazing challenge to be in her company, because she is fascinatingly. Almost little obsessively, frantically, remarkably capable, and I sort of come in around the corner, with a dustpan and broom, thinking ‘Oh, hey, I’ll put my vocal on this here.'”

Robert Plant Wants To Be Clear: He Will Never Retire

Plant shared his thoughts on leaving in an interview with Telegraph to promote his album Raise the Roof with Alison Krauss. “Oh, you must have done enough now?” the Led Zeppelin leader would often be asked.

“I’ve had enough of what? “I’ve had enough work to retire!” I have been blessed with 40 years of experience, but I still don’t know enough to come to a complete halt. There is always a fresh perspective to take in and a new knowledge to acquire.

Yes, please!” At the young age of 17, Plant began his professional career as a musician. He referred to his occupation as “a lifetime’s job” and said that making music now gives him the same sense of fulfillment it did when he was a teenager.

Plant and Krauss have announced their first tour in 12 years, just in time for the release of their new album last week. Beginning on June 1st and lasting through July 20th, the couple and their band will be touring the United States and Europe.

Robert Plant cant believe people ask him about retirement.  Plant has recently spoken highly of Krauss, praising her musicianship, producer’s ear, and assistance in avoiding “rock ‘n’ roll clichés.” Whenever they collaborate, he describes himself as a “student” wanting to learn as much as possible.

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English musician and songwriter Robert Anthony Plant CBE (born August 20, 1948) is best known for fronting the band Led Zeppelin as both singer and lyricist during the group’s entire career from 1968 to 1980. When the band’s drummer, John Bonham, passed away. They joined the ranks of Rock & Roll Hall of Famers in 1995.