The manner in which Samsung’s smartwatches evolve and improve are fascinating to see. It appears like Samsung has hit upon its sweet spot with the announcement of the Galaxy Watch 5.

The current iteration improves upon the already cutting-edge Samsung Watch 4, incorporating additional health sensors and holistic wellness functions into its sleek, timelessly classic appearance.

Samsung Smart Watch Series 7


Samsung Smart Watch Series 7 Design and Display

You wouldn’t be able to identify the difference between the Galaxy Watch 4 from last year and the new Galaxy Watch 5 unless you looked very closely. While the Galaxy Watch’s modern and minimalist appearance may seem more conventional than the square Apple Watch Series 7, there’s no denying the two watches couldn’t be more dissimilar.

There is no objective superior design; instead, the decision boils down to aesthetic preference. These watches also come with an abundance of bands in a variety of colors to complement virtually any wardrobe.

Both the Samsung Watch 5 and the Apple Watch Series 7 have competitive display technologies. The resolutions of the Galaxy Watch 5’s AMOLED display are 393 x 396 (40mm) and 450 x 450 (44mm), while the resolutions of the Apple Watch Series 7’s displays are 368 x 448 (41mm) and 396 x 484 (45mm) on displays that are significantly larger at 1.61 inches and 1.77 inches, respectively.

Samsung Smart Watch Series 7 Battery Life and Charging

Battery life for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has been significantly improved, increasing by about 15%, and the device now supports quicker charging, which can get it from dead to 45% charged in just 30 minutes.

This is comparable to Apple’s first Watch series to include faster charging times, the Series 7. Fast charging isn’t as important for people who don’t wear their watch to bed every night because both smartwatches should easily last you at least a day of ordinary use.

For fans of sleep monitoring, though, this is a major improvement because it means you can theoretically set your smartwatch on the charger while you shower in the morning and have it fully charged by the time you’re ready to head out the door.

Samsung Smart Watch Series 7 Fitness and Health Tracking

Samsung’s BioActive Sensor has been improved in this year’s Galaxy Watch 5 by being made larger to provide more precise readings. A bioelectrical impedance analyzer (BIA), electrocardiogram (ECG), and photoplethysmography (PPG) heart rate sensor are all rolled into one convenient package with this device.

Similar health sensors are present on the Apple Watch Series 7, however blood pressure monitoring is still missing. The U.S. isn’t one among the nations where this feature is available just yet because of regulatory hurdles, but Samsung does provide it in other places where it is.

Samsung Smart Watch Series 7 Software and Features

The One UI Watch platform is very new, yet it has already delivered significant improvements to the performance and usability of Samsung’s Wear OS devices. But, even with its ninth major update, it still falls short of Apple’s WatchOS.

Compared to the more refined Apple Watch operating system, One UI Watch offers a lot of potential but still feels like a work in progress in many respects. To sum up, Samsung has a lot of work to do to catch up, but the company is making great advances in this direction.

Apple is a corporation that pays close attention to the UI design of their products, and this is evident in WatchOS. Improvements over the years have led to a more streamlined interface, and you can now create your own watch face complete with complications to sync with your favorite apps and see everything at a glance.


The Apple Watch Series 8 is an obvious choice for any Apple iOS-using family. Connecting your smartwatch to your other Apple products is a breeze now. This should make using the Health app on your iPhone to monitor your workout routine a breeze.

New Apple Watches can be quickly and easily paired with iPhones. Both a 41mm and a 45mm Apple Watch Series 8 are available. It’s up to you to decide what size watch you’d want, but some high-end bands for women are only 41mm wide.