An revolutionary sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8 records your body temperature as you sleep, allowing you to observe trends over time. This information is used by Cycle Tracking to calculate an estimated date of last ovulation, which can be used for future pregnancy planning.

Even Apple’s most mundane models, like the Series 8, have a lot to offer. It’s nearly identical to the Series 7 in design and functionality, but it’s got some cool additional features like crash detection and a temperature sensor to keep things interesting. It hasn’t fixed the problem with its short battery life.

For a long time, Samsung was the only major competitor to Apple’s wildly popular Apple Watch line of smartwatches. Samsung’s cooperation with Google allowed for the development of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS 3, although the lack of iPhone compatibility was a drawback.

Samsung Smart Watch Series 8

Given that you can only get one of these watches for your phone this year unless you switch operating systems, comparing the Galaxy Watch 5 against the Apple Watch Series 8 is rather academic.

Seeing how these two mobile giants are pushing the lifestyle smartwatch sector is more important than winning a popularity contest, as other Android watch and fitness watch makers are likely to follow in their footsteps. Here, then, is a comparison of the two watches in terms of construction, functionality, and aesthetics.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Software

We won’t go into detail about the differences between Wear OS 3 and watchOS 9 because doing so would be as tough as comparing iOS and Android. Similar settings and app personalization features are available on both Android and iOS through the use of dedicated mobile applications.

There is a good chance that your favorite app will have wearable compatibility regardless of which ecosystem you use because many app developers make watch apps for both Wear OS and watchOS.

The frequent, rapid, and persistent software support offered by Apple and Samsung is a major selling point for their respective watches. In comparison to the Apple Watch series, which normally receives four watchOS updates and around 4-5 years of security patches, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Watch 5 will receive software updates for a full four years.

The Watch 5 will receive adequate support sooner than any other Wear OS watch, even if Samsung does not issue a new numbered Wear OS version every year (that’s up to Google).

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Which Should You Buy?

These smartwatches look different enough that you can tell them apart. The Apple Watch Series 8 continues the company’s tradition of using a rectangular form factor for all of its watches.

Yet, the Galaxy Watch 5 continues the tradition of its predecessors by keeping its familiar circular form. Glass on the front, sapphire crystal on the back, and stainless steel all contribute to the Apple Watch Series 8’s adaptability.

It has a digital crown that doubles as the home button. This makes it simple to scroll through lists, zoom in on images and maps, and return to the home screen on your smartwatch.

In addition to the digital crown, there is a convenient side button for speed dialing and sending out an SOS in an emergency. The Series 8 Apple Watch has three microphone arrays and a second speaker placed strategically to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of incoming calls.

The Galaxy Watch 5 features many improvements over its predecessor, including sapphire crystal glass that is purportedly 1.6 times stronger than the glass used in the Galaxy Watch4. The back button and the home button are the same. The nicest aspect is that you can assign your most often used programs to launch right when you press the home (power) key.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Apple Watch Series 8: Which Should You Buy?

Apple Watch Series 8 costs $400/$430 whereas the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 retails for $280/$310. In addition, the Galaxy Watch 5’s cellular upgrade is only $30 more expensive than the Apple Watch’s.

If you put these two watches on an even playing field in terms of quality, the Samsung watch is the better buy. There aren’t many alternatives for iOS customers looking for a lifestyle watch that works as seamlessly with the iPhone 14 Pro or any other iPhone.

Your other option is to devote yourself entirely to physical fitness. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Galaxy Watch 5, we’ve compared the Fitbit Versa 2 and Series 8 here. Another option is the Wear OS 3–powered Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition, which is compatible with iOS and offers strong competition to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5.


On August 26, 2022, Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 5, its most powerful smartwatch to date. Nevertheless, Apple quickly responded with the Apple Watch Series 8, leaving consumers torn between two excellent options.

These smartwatches integrate cutting-edge features and technologies, such as the ability to detect falls and monitor the wearer’s health.

But, you should pick the one that works best for you. To help you make a well-informed purchase, we’ve compared the features, design, and performance of the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.