Now more than ever before, there are dozens of anime series vying for our attention, so it’s crucial that each one keeps things interesting.

Fortunately, Scissor Seven (or Killer 7) provides a fresh take on things with its own visual style and deadpan humour.

Scissors Seven Season 3 Release Date

Season one debuted on Netflix in January of 2020, with season two debuting in April of same year.

Fans, however, are keen to know when, in their local time, Season 3 of Scissor Seven will be available.


When will Season 3 of Scissor Sisters be Available on Netflix?

  • The third season of Scissor Seven will premiere on Netflix around the world on Sunday, October 3 at 12 a.m. PDT.
  • It’s 12 o’clock in the morning in the Pacific.
  • Time in the East: 3 a.m.
  • It is eight o’clock in the morning in Britain at the moment.
  • Time in the Philippines: 3 p.m.
  • As of 4.30pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time

In case you missed it, the third season aired in China from January through May of this year. It took only five months for Netflix to release seasons one and two of Scissor Seven, which is a good sign that the streaming service plans to continue releasing additional seasons if they are made.

Voice Actors for Season 3

While Netflix has not yet announced the voice actors for Season 3, viewers can be assured that many of their favourite characters will return.

  • Season 3’s main English dubbed voice cast features:
  • For the song by Luiqi Wu (Seven) and Ronny Chieng, see here.
  • Crispin Freeman as Dai Bo and Jas Patrick as Prince Stan
  • Thirteen – Jill Bartlett – Aleks Le Meow – Jennie Kwan Xiao Fei
  • Clayton Froning plays Ah Jie, while Steve Blum is the chicken farm boss, and Karen Huie is Chairman Jiang.

As we get closer to the premiere on October 3, this article will be updated accordingly.