Being social is among the essential part of human life and the internet has played a very elegant role in it. Sites like Omegle let people around the globe have to chat with an anonymous person. Omegle alternative sites generally may overwhelm guys who don’t have a friend circle or ones feeling lonely. In this article, we will tell you about top Alternatives to Omegle.


What is Omegle?

Omegle was launched by Leif K. Brooks of Vermont when he was 18 years old in 2009. Omegle started as an anonymous text chatting. It then introduced the feature of video conferencing. Today, Omegle is available as a mobile application for smartphone devices.

Omegle is pretty similar to AOL’s original retro chat room style, its services whether on the app or on the website are different as people are not registered when they’re paired for one on one chat sessions. The anonymity of Omegle is furthered by the use of names like “Stranger” and “You”, along with “Stranger 1”, “Stranger 2”, etc.

In 2011 New features like the beta version of “Spy mode” emerged. This feature allowed paired strangers to be chosen “spy” and then put up questions for the other two users (still anonymous).

The drawback or benefit of this feature is that as the “spy” the user can watch the other two users having discussions on the answer to the question of the spy but cannot comment or participate further in the conversation. Question and answer websites such as Quora use similar but fewer stealth methods.

In 2012 Omegle presented the feature of unmonitored chats given the condition that the age of the users is 13 or above. Before this, the filters were very limited. In order to prevent inappropriate explicit content in between minors, an image recognition algorithm was incorporated, while adult users were still allowed to exchange adult content in written chat or video streams.

In 2014 a new feature called “Dorm Chat” was introduced. Using Dorm Chat users that have .edu addresses (provided by universities or colleges) were able to connect with their peers. In 2015 security measures were taken to restrict the use of “bots” on the website. User response to this action was mixed as a lot of users felt that the bots were still preserved while ordinary users faced problems.

How to Protect Yourself on Omegle from Scams, Catfish, Blackmail, etc.

Your protection is entirely based on your behavior and use on the website. If you have never shared any personal information with anyone on the site then you’re probably safe. But if you have done that then any blackmailer, scammer, or hacker could find it and use it or share it. And if you have used the video chat option then it is possible that your face has been recorded or photographed without your permission.

After that facial recognition software can be used to reveal your real-life identity. Especially if you were engaged in an adult, above 18 chats, we recommend you to use extra caution to keep yourself safe.

At last, using the feature “Dorm Chat” is made for anonymous conversations on campuses but it can be used for bullying and embarrassing other students and threatening to reveal their identity if their email address is discovered or hacked.

Anonymity based chat websites are very appealing to anti-social, lonely, or people living in remote areas, etc. But these websites are frequently used to bully, roast, or prey on its users. Adding in the risk of catfish, hackers, scams, and many more, the danger from the website is elevated tenfold.

Is Omegle Safe?

The answer is No. Social Catfish tend to reverse image search or search your private, personal information to find out where else it might be used on the internet which you would not expect. Chances are you have felt deeply connected with some Omegle user via texts only and are not sure if the information that person gave you is correct or not.

Stop-scammers, thieves, and catfish before they hit by seeking out the info you have been provided with before anything bad happens.

There are many other reasons why Omegle is not a safe website to use. Some of them are listed below:

1. Not Safe for Users Under the Age of 18

The algorithm used to filter explicit material doesn’t really catch all sexual imaging and nudity or profanity. Moreover, Omegle has a video chat that can be opted with “Unmoderated” and “Adult” use, which means that minors can use the website pretending to be adults and the predators find such sites to be a hotbed of opportunities.

2. Website’s Privacy Policy

Omegle tricks its users to believe that the content isn’t saved and collected. When in fact, all the chats are kept and retained. And since a lot of users share their personal information like phone number, address, name, and email address, even without getting registered, the identity of the users is permanently saved.

3. Hackers

As the website tends to save content, once shared, it is available to hackers and discovery. Many hackers have proven that the website’s server is not very hard to hack. One hack downloads screenshots from the site which were taken from a private video chat.

Would anyone use Omegle wish their content to be shown to others or used to blackmail them or anything worse? I don’t think so.

48 Best Omegle alternatives and Sites like Omegle in 2020

In this guide, I present you the best Omegle Alternatives that gives its users plenty of opportunity and variety to easily chat, flirt, date, meet the perfect stranger. Users can easily search and filter people as per their interest and can chat with the right person on Alternatives to Omegle.

Just like Omegle, these alternatives also allow users to text, video, and audio chat with their online friends. Some of these alternatives to Omegle also allow their users to create a contact list of their random online chat friends so that they can chat again later in the future. Let’s have a look.

1. TinyChat – A Best Omegle Alternative

Unlike Omegle, TinyChat lets you communicate via instant messaging, voice chat, and video chat. In TinyChat you can talk to anyone you like by joining a chat room with a particular topic. If you wish to start your topic like gaming, comedy, teen, etc. then you can create and promote your room.

TinyChat - Top Sites Like Omegle - TechTade

Tinychat is all about creating and joining a room. There can be at most 12 video feeds in a room. To start your own TinyChat room, you have to register an account, and your live video room will start broadcasting. You may also join any room just by tapping on the directory list at the Live Directory section.

2. Chatroulette

Chatroulette got its name from the Russian game Roulette. In this application, chats are peer to peer, i.e., you can talk to an individual via video or chat or both. If you don-t like the conversation, then you can end the chat. To use the Chatroulette site you have to register an account.

Chatroulette - Top Sites Like Omegle - TechTade

As you will open the Chatroulette site, you have to grant access to your webcam and microphone. After this, you can create an account and then start having a conversation. While having a chat if you encounter any inappropriate behavior then the person will be filtered out.

3. ChatRandom

If you wish to use a site like Chatroulette but with some advanced features then you must try ChatRandom. ChatRandom is a social platform that lets you have a video chat with strangers and that too without creating an account. So visit the site and press the “Start” button and you will find instantly find the person ready to chat.

ChatRandom - Top Sites Like Omegle - TechTade

If you wish to change the user, then swipe once, and you will be connected to another person. ChatRandom is available across various countries. If you wish to talk to the person with the specific language then enable the option at the top. And you will be connected with the person as specified by you language-wise.

4. Fruzo

Fruzo is considered to be way more than just a platform to meet strangers. It is also an online dating site where you can find a person according to age, gender, location, or keywords. To use Fruzo you need to create an account, the best part, you can link Fruzos account directly to your Facebook account. And by doing this, you can also find your Facebook friends on Fruzo.

Fruzo - Top Sites Like Omegle - TechTade

Fruzo can be said to be the mixture of Omegle and Tinder, where you can find the stranger as well as you can talk to him/ her using the video chat. You can also organize and manage the friend’s list of Furzo so you will never lose the connections you found here.

5. FaceFlow

Just like Omegle, FaceFlow also allows you to log in with your Facebook account. FaceFlow is a step ahead than Omegle in providing you with advanced features.

FaceFlow - Top Sites Like Omegle - TechTade

Some of the best features are you can have peer to peer or 1 on one video chat, group video chat, organize your public chat rooms, send voice messages, share guest chat link, rich text chat, share files and manage your profiles by adding some of your pictures. FaceFlow is completely free, and here you can contact your Facebook friends as well as strangers too.

6. Hey-People

Hey-People is an experimental project, and yet it is highly popular. To start here, you have to create an account and select your interests. Interests make linking easily with a person of similar interests. Once you have set up with your account and interests, click on “zap” and your connection will be instantly established with the person with similar interests.

If you like the person, then click on the friendship button to see him again. Otherwise, click on the blacklist button and the person will never be shown to you. Just as simple as that to start a video chat with a stranger.

7. iMeetzu

iMeetzu is one of the best alternatives to Omegle in many ways. Here you can find live video chats, text chat rooms, and many more. iMeetzu is a growing community with over 1000 new members every day.

iMeetzu - Top Sites Like Omegle - TechTade

iMeetzu takes the Sites Like Omegle, Chatroulette to whole other new level. It provides a free online dating and friend finder site. If you wish to talk to a particular person that you had a video chat with, you can do that unlimited times using the self-developed instant messaging apps.

8. ChatRad

ChatRad is a general audience site that filters out the people misbehaving. It is a clean site and forces people to use it to act normal as they generally do in their world. As you will visit the site you will see that webcam and microphone turn on.

ChatRad - Top Sites Like Omegle - TechTade

As you will press the button “start” your connection will make with a stranger by your location. When you wish to stop the video chat just click on the “stop” button. You don-t need to create an account. ChatRad is available for Android and iOS devices so you can use it from virtually anywhere.

9. FriendFinder

FriendFinder is a video chat Site Like Omegle, but with a slight difference, i.e., here you can find the person by giving certain details like the person you are seeking, age range, Country, province, and zip code.

FriendFinder - Top Sites Like Omegle - TechTade

If you like the person from the list that is the result of your search then you can start the video chat. FriendFinder has a very simple user interface so you can easily get through it.

10. Chatpig

If you wish to use a social platform to chat with a stranger but you don-t want a very high profile platform then Chatpig is perfect for you. Chatpig is a site like Omegle. Here you can have video chats with a person or you can join any chat room.

Chatpig - Top Sites Like Omegle - TechTade

To have fun with Chatpig you need to enter a username, gender, age. Once you have filled all this information you can join any chat room. Chatpig has categorized chat rooms into various sections like a chat with guys, chat with girls, meet guys, meet girls, and many more.


AHA Live is a very popular video chat application for iOS and Android users. It helps its users to easily initiate video chats much like Omegle. AHA Live is a perfect video chat application where people can easily search and meet people from all across the world and chat, flirt, and date them.

AHA currently supports 10 different languages so that its users can browse through the app with ease. However, it is mandatory that its user has a high-speed internet connection like 3G, 4G to fully enjoy using this app.

12. Azar

Azar is an iOS and Android chat application with approximately 10 million users registered on it. It has a location and gender filter so that its users can easily focus on their search for specific reasons.

Azar offers the option of video IP with WiFi connectivity and 3G/4G. The users can add their friends in order to create a not-so-stranger full list. All the services are free and secure with text, video, and VoIP options.

13. Badoo

Badoo has 405+ million registered users which makes it one of the largest that there is. Although it is new, it is multilingual offering 38 languages to choose from and is a part of Chinese Badoo Group. Badoo also comes with two features, a locational and a gender filter to find strangers in your locality.

However, users are required to register themselves to use these services. They are asked to input their name, email, and birth date. Users can also add a picture to their profile. The app is iOS, Android, and PC compatible.


HOLLA is undoubtedly the best alternative to Omegle in today’s world and is generally on the top of many favorite website lists. It allows its users to filter and search to an extent that other apps do not, as such users can focus on their “stranger” on specific attributes. HOLLA also offers a feature that will disregard finds as well as people users chatted in the past and provide the list of new strangers.

15. Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating App

As the name clearly suggests, Anonymous Chat Rooms is an anonymous, random stranger chat application for iOS and Android. The app is accompanied by an additional set of options that includes an ask personal chat room and a truth and dare game.

16. B-Messenger

B-Messenger is considered as a very trendy alternative to Omegle as it allows users to easily connect with their family, friends as well as strangers from all across the globe. Users have to register themselves and log into their registered account to enjoy the B-Messenger app. Users are provided with various chat rooms that they can easily join to initiate group chats or to send individual messages to other users.

17. BeeTalk

BeeTalk is a free stranger chat application that is accompanied by some neat stickers and a doodle that its users can use to send during their conversations or chats. It provides the option of group chat and features to create or join clubs. Another great option offered by the website is called “whisper” message which disappears once it has been read by its recipient.

18. Cake – Live Stream Video Chat

Cake is an iOS and Android live stream video chat application which comes with both a paid-for and a free subscription. It offers a great option of solo press button which finds its users a complete stranger to chat with on video. Cake is accompanied by a lot of live public broadcast rooms and anonymous chat rooms that its users can join.

19. Chatous

Chatous is an application that allows its users to initiate the chat with random people on their smartphones. It has an amazing feature using which its users can find a person who is perfect according to their interests. Chatous is absolutely free of cost and very easy to browse.

Users can also select or post a #hashtag in order to find people who have similar interests. People can enjoy sharing edited videos, audios, text, and other such files during their conversations.

20. Cipher

Cipher is a secure chat application that encrypts messages and the users can transfer their delicate information safely without worrying about information getting hacked. It secures its user’s messages using a unique ID and a digital signature so that only people who possess the password are allowed access to the data.

21. Chat For Strangers

Chat For Strangers is a chat suite (VoIP, Text, and Video) for iOS and Android users. This application will provide gender and an age filter so that its users can be secure while chatting with strangers of legal age. Chat for Strangers by FunPokes also provides the option of sharing your picture.

22. ChatOften

ChatOften is a famous stranger chat application meant for only iOS users. Chat Often allows its users to create a detailed profile along with a picture for sharing and also has a subscription model that opens up extra functions.

23. is a chatting application for iOS and Android users. It comes with the option of shuffle which means its users can see which other users are online and willing to chat. is specifically designed for chatting as well as flirting in a secure way and also provides confessions, secrets, or gossip mode.

24. Fav Talk

Fav Talk has an amazing search option using which people can meet new people online according to their interest and initiate chat with them. It is very easy to check other users’ profiles before chatting with them. Although the website requires registration in order to offer its services so that its users meet authentic people online. Moreover, users can change their profile photo, profile, interests, etc. along with creating chatting lists.

25. Flurv

Flurv is an online stranger chatting as well as dating application that connects its users with people from all across the globe. The users can use filters in order to meet specific people, for example, people who live near them, or can just choose one from the millions of its users from all over the world.

The best feature of this application is the ability to see which users checked out your profile. However, if the user wishes to possess access to all the features, they have to buy a paid subscription.

26. Hi5

Hi5 is an anonymous chat application similar to Omegle, that caters to complete stranger chat where users can hide their location, name along with other information. As such, the app delivers complete anonymity and provides its users with quite a few filters to set age, gender, and location as well as keywords.

27. LiveMe

LiveMe is a popular application that allows its users to chat with strangers using smartphones. It is easy to use and free of cost that people can use anytime, anywhere in order to search for new friends online. LiveMe is different from other apps mentioned on our list. It provides the option of making money online along with chatting with strangers.

Moreover. It provides the option to use different effects so that the users can edit photos after clicking a picture with their camera. LiveMe also has the option to log in with your Facebook account or even your phone number. This ensures that users chat with real people online. Users are also provided with the option of watching their favorite videos such as dancing, singing, gaming, and many more using this app.


LOVOO is a dating website. This website is aimed at connecting total strangers with each other on the basis of their location preferences. Users get to chat, see each other’s pictures online, and then decide to meet in person.

29. Meet4U

Meet4U is a flirt, date, and meets chat website with the prime motive of connecting strangers over the internet. It is supported by both iOS and Android platforms. Meet4U is a free website where users can share videos, photos, voice as well as other media files. Users can also see when their matched stranger was last online.

30. MeetMe

This is another very famous free stranger chat application that works on iOS as well as Android platforms. MeetMe is a standard application that comes in plenty of language options. By buying a subscription users can unlock other exciting features on MeetMe.

31. MeowChat

MeowChat can be used for texting and video chatting. It also provides its users the option to use it as a two-player game. MeowChat is a great app with amazing and unique features. It is supported by both Android as well as iOS platforms.

32. Mico

Mico is an iOS and Android chat application to meeting strangers online. Users can sign in using their Facebook account or completely anonymously. It is a multilingual platform and users can use this feature to meet people using their native language.

33. Moco

Moco is another popular alternative to Omegle for iOS as well as Android users and a very great one on that. Moco offers some pretty amazing features which include a complete range of filters including gender, age, sexual preference, locations, and many others.

As such the users can narrow and focus their search to a very specific profile of stranger. Users are also provided with emoji apps, stickers, themes, and more.

34. Pikii

Pikii allows its users to meet their friends, fans, stars, and other people online. It also allows its users to go live. Pikii can also be used as an anonymous chat app to ask questions from strangers, chat with them, and stay connected. The app is absolutely free of cost and easy to use. Pikii has a decent user interface and can be browsed through easily on Android as well as iOS devices.

35. Psst

Psst is a Facebook secret chat application meant for Android users. Users require Facebook to use psst and then they can anonymously chat in private with other users on Facebook. They also get the option to block other people.

36. Qeep

Qeep is a popular alternative to Omegle for iOS and Android. It has 20+ million listed users on it. Qeep also provides the option of sharing photos along with a nearby option for speed dating.

37. Rooit

Users can chat with strangers using Rooit without telling their actual name. The app provides complete security to its users to hide their identity from strangers by using private browser applications without anyone judging you.

Rooit has various chat rooms and it allows its users to join any of them as per their interest. One of the most unique feature of Rooit is that it allows its users to text role play games with strangers if they feel bored.

38. SayHi Chat, Meet New People

SayHi has an excellent geolocation option that lets its users find strangers easily by their location and also offers the feature to create a fake GPS position for you. It comes with free emojis, video chat, share pictures clicked by 3D camera applications, etc.

39. Scandal

Scandal has a very large number of users and that is what makes it the best alternative to Omegle. Also, Scandal has multiple chat rooms. It is international and users can meet with absolutely random strangers for basic chats online. Scandal also has a dating section which comes with some great options. Some of them are sharing photos, funny pictures, videos, stickers, and many more.

40. Skout

SKOUT like Omegle to Chat

Skout is yet another security-minded application where strangers are completely obscured by using their hidden information feature. It has millions of users from all across the globe and offers some very interesting search options and filters.

41. StrangerMeetup Chat

StrangerMeetup Chat uses a very interesting algorithm to match its users with new strangers and friends from 200+ countries. Once the user starts a chat, they can decide to change the status of a stranger to a friend. Doing so can keep them for conversations in the future. StrangerMeetup Chat comes with the option of a private dating room.

42. TopFace

TopFace has introduced a very interesting way to flirt and video chat using iOS and Android platforms. It allows its users to easily chat, flirt, video call, and cheat date. Users can easily make new friends online and chat with them. TopFace provides the option of filtering people online on the basis of gender. TopFace is private as well as safe and allows its users to hide their real identity from your online friends.

43. Twoo

Twoo is a classic flirting and dating platform that connects strangers together. It is only really effective if its users pay for the subscription. After that, they can get access to some great features that include millions of users that they can search and filter according to their location and age.

44. Wakie

Wakie is a social application that aims to connect people with a will to ask, learn, and teach. The concept of Wakie is to serve as a stranger connectivity website for social services or professionals. Users ask a question, they get an answer, they hope it’s the right answer, so do we.

45. Waplog

Waplog has 60 million users from more than 25 countries. It is basically a dating application specifically designed to help its users find a stranger for a serious dating purpose. Users get to filter strangers based on gender, age, and location.

Waplog also offers a free service as well as a VIP Boost service to provide extra visibility. Waplog isn’t some random chat website. This is because it comes with a very solid verification system so as to protect its users from all sorts of scammers.

46. Whisper


Whisper is yet another online chat community that uses the PR message of “Sharing Secrets” as well as ideas with strangers. The Whisper comes with iOS as well as Android compatibility and allows its users to share thoughts, photos, and much more. Alright, it is a basic chat service like other alternatives to Omegle on this list.

47. Yalla

Yalla allows its users to easily begin a chat with strangers on their smartphones. This app is one of the biggest voice chat room service platform where users are able to get thousands on new random strangers to chat with.

Yalla is also very useful as a social networking application with numerous voice chat room features with various interest options. Users can very easily join any such chat rooms after they fill their interest and initiate text and voice chat with strangers.

48. Zooroom

Zooroom is the last Omegle alternative on our list since it starts with the letter “Z”. It is specially designed for keeping user comfort in mind. As such Zooroom is very easy on your mobile battery usage.

Users do not need to register themselves to use this platform. But they do have to create a new chat room in order to online chat with strangers that they can share with strangers and even friends as a link.

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In today’s world, you will never get satisfied with the entertainment show. Though I have mentioned 48 best Omegle Alternatives according to my personal use. If you wish to explore the world, you should try all of them as you will better understand these platforms.

Though all of the Omegle Alternatives mentioned above claim to be secure. Still try not to give any personal details on such platforms. I hope this article was informative. Thank you for reading!