You must have heard about the game named Skyrim. It is a highly popular game with a base of numerous players. Also, the game is not just for Gaming purpose, but it is an elicit way of communication with diverse people. It is launched in 2011 with a fictional plot. This includes multiple features to play and interact with. Released by Bethesda and already named as a characteristic of modding community.

It is one of the fine modded games enabling the users to mod and improves it further. The mod community is there to make modifications such as improvising visual quality, adding dialogues and lines and so on. Since the feature is in use for a long time, hence it is the best part of the game to make better transformations to it whenever possible. Therefore, the mod is the only character to make the game more captivating. Due to this quality, the game seems to be a dream and a kind of achievement of every RPG lover.

Skyrim Civil war Overhaul Not Available

Talking about civil war overhaul, it is the best among all the mods. Moreover, it has a false name ‘Apollo Down‘. It aimed at providing the experience of civil war which is a part of the fictional history of Skyrim. Due to this presentation of the story, the game has portrayed in an interesting and attractive manner to make it more enjoyable and fun for Gamers.

Secondly, its features are quite enough to make it more engrossed to the users. The game has mentioned the different phases in the story. It gives a fictional and fanatics approach. For instance, there was a part that affected the actions of NPC and leads to the loss of the war.

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Sometimes, modding can be a risk for the game and to the gamers as well. The people who are in the updated acknowledgement of game design has done the modding. However, they do not participate in the creation and no kind of participation. Because of this reasoning, there are chances of existing bugs but they can be fixed by mods at every release.

The mod was able to engage thousands of players in the game as per its reliable and exquisite features. But the creation owner of the game decided to replace it before November 9 and instead of the mod. This will display a message now.

The reason behind this action is not clear to all as such. However, the owner claimed one statement that he was getting a negative response from the critics. Many users and the public disregarded the game. There was a portrayal of diverse people and the culture of NPC. Hence, it has to be forbidden to avoid hurting the sentiments of the community.

As there was an addition of ‘Diversity day‘ mod in which there is the inclusion of the black race of NPC. Apollo down also claimed that the addition is in with reference to the show called ‘The Office‘. Then also he reacted to his critics in a positive manner by calling him the supporters of Trump and fellow members of the clam named Ku Klux.

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After this controversy and argument, they came to the conclusion of ending it and restoring it on November 9. It enraged several online movement hashtagging LGBT and Black lives matters. Due to this debate and chaos, the mod started losing its players. Finally, it ended and lost all its active audience. Now, there is no legal way to download it and left its users in miserable conditions.