Have you ever thought of snipping your desktop so that you can share it with your friends? Snapshot or Screenshot is important to prove that you are seeing something on the screen that you should share with others. If so, you are probably looking for a best snipping tool for Windows and Mac. Windows has its own snipping tool with which you can capture screenshots.

Best Snipping Tool for MacOS and Windows

You can do a lot with sniping tools: you can save and share new screenshots of movie dialogues or quotes as well as something informative. With screen capture software you can capture both images and videos. There are many third-party software you can capture snapshots with. These are a few of the best third-party Snipping tools for Mac and Windows.

7 Best External or Install-able Snipping Tool for Mac and Windows

1. Monosnap

Monosnap is one of the best external snipping tools you can use on your Mac device to take a screen shot of your window. The application comes with following feature:

Features of Monosnap

1. You can capture full screen or just a part of your screen or selected window.

2. You can also edit the screenshot by highlighting important details with pen, can hide private or sensitive information, give details to your screenshot by adding text, arrows or shapes.

3. It comes with a screen video capture option that lets you capture a video by using a computer camera.

4. It comes with free cloud storage, capture modes, and annotation tools.

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2. Snapz Pro X

Snapz Pro X is the oldest, most trusted and powerful Snipping Tool that you can use on your Mac device to take a screenshot.

Features of Snapz Pro X

It was mainly developed/designed to record movies such as like taking screenshots of your computer screen while you are performing various actions e.g., moving cursor over screen, typing a word file or text, watching a video or something etc. Other than the video making, this software provides you following features also:

1. You can edit the screenshot you take or annotate it also.

2. The software comes with a broad range of customization options which are really good and powerful too.

3. It is best for taking screenshots if you want to make tutorials video for your students.

Although, you will have to buy the software in order to use it and it would cost you $69 but, it is a great software if you try it for once you might love it.

3. Snagit

Snagit is not just one of another snipping tools for Mac but it is the most powerful and feature-filled snipping software you can install on your Mac device.

The software is filled with so many features that as a user you would and you must explore if I would say. Especially if you are one of the business people, or like to create content or an educator this software for snipping is perfect for you.

Feature of Snagit

1. You can edit your screenshots with a blur option, you can add straight or curved lines.

2. You can record your screen and turn it into a GIF.

3. It allows you to record video while performing any task on your computer.

4. Lets you add special effects on the captured screen such as borders, shadow and you can also draw freehand lines.

5. The software comes with a magnifying tool, that allows you to zoom into screenshot.

6. You can also add callouts, captions or text heading etc.

7. It allows you to capture anything from wide screenshot to horizontal, capturing while scrolling and almost anything or everything in between.

8. You can grab text i.e., extract texts instantly from the taken screenshot, can replace text, delete it or even edit it with elements.

4. Skitch

Skitch is a fun and simple to use snipping tool and it tries to make easy for you to capture screenshots and annotate them as per your preference. However, the software is not packed with a number of features like Snagit but still, it can offer you a number of features you should look out for:

Features of Skitch

1. It is compatible and can be used on Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac and Android also.

2. The software has a vertical toolbar with large icons and can be launched very quickly and easily.

3. It has a “Drag Me” button which lets you capture your screen, all you have to do is press the button, drag it over your computer screen or window and then drop the file wherever you want.

4. Plus, the software is free so, there is no harm or wastage of money for trying it at least for once.

5. Jing

It is one of the useful snipping tools you can use on your Mac device. However, it is not as powerful as Snagit software but still, it comes with a number of features worth to lookout.

Jing is a sophisticated and useful software designed by the TechSmith and is compatible with Macintosh & Microsoft windows also. It is free software and really easy to understand and use.

Features of Jing

1. You can easily capture a picture or video using Jing and can upload it to the web.

2. Automated URL generating a program for files uploaded on web.

3. You can edit captured pictures or videos with tons of visual elements software provides e.g. highlighting the screenshot, adding callouts, text heading, annotation of captured screen, etc.

4. You can also record a video while performing any function or activity on your device.

5. You can choose between capturing the active window, or Selected portion/area of the window or the full-sized window.

6. Lightshot

When talking about the snipping tool for Mac you can never ignore Lightshot software. Lightshot is a simple, free, lightweight yet really powerful software that comes handy with many features and this makes the software one of the best snipping tools for Mac.

Features of Lightshot

1. First of all, Lightshot software is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Mac.

2. You can easily search for similar images on google or any other browser by using its search option feature.

3. You can share captured pictures or videos easily via email or any other social media app.

4. Can save your screenshots into different image formats, instantly copy the screenshot to clipboard and save it.

5. Allows you to crop, highlight screenshot with its online editing tools plus, you can instantly printout the screenshot with editing.

6. You can take a screenshot just by a simple cursor dragging feature and the screenshot gets saved automatically.

7. Tinygrab

It is a simple and useful screenshot sharing tool that is compatible to be sued on Mac, Windows and iOS also. Like most of the other software Tinygrab not really offers you a great and massive package of features but that doesn’t mean it is less of use.

Features of Tinygrab

The software comes with basic and helpful features which are as follows:

1. Software is handy, simple, easy to understand and use.

2. Can easily take and save captured screen whether picture or video still by “drag-and-drop” feature.

3. Short URLs are generated automatically saved screenshots and you can share them online with your friends easily.

4. You can check your last saved or edited or captured screenshots if in case you lost them somehow by simply browsing the history of software.



Finally, we have come to the end of the article so let us do a quick recap for people you might think the article is too long and didn’t read it. Here we go, snipping means capturing or taking a screenshot of your computer screen while performing something, in particular, you might want to share.

Usually, a software called snipping tool comes as a default in Windows, however, there is no such snipping tools for Mac but Mac devices do come with a built-in tool for taking screenshot called Grab which is a really useful tool to take snips.

Anyway, if you want to expand your knowledge about are best alternatives you can use on your Mac to take screenshots here are the number of tools such as Snagit, Jing, Snapz pro X, Lightshot and there are any more. One important thing to note is that each and every tool has their own unique features so, keep on exploring until you find one which suits your requirement.