SpaceX’s Inspiration4 crew had been to space for quite some time now. In this, they have gone and they have their mission which they completed last month by completing the world’s first all-civilian orbital mission. They recently started sharing some of the most beautiful and most incredible Earth images shot with a top-end Nikon camera.

However, that is not the only thing that they are using to take shots. On the weekend commander, Jared Isaacman had a new surprise for us that we did not see coming. Out of the blue, he dropped another stunning shot and he stated that this one was captured with an iPhone 12. The shot is beautiful and looks incredible to be shot on a phone in space.

SpaceX Crew Shares Earth Image Shot on iPhone 12

We all know that Apple had offered a lot of great camera technology in their phones and they are very well known among the smart phone industry to have successfully implemented a lot of high quality camera in the smart phones. If you have ever seen an iPhone and the pics that can be clicked by it, then you know what we are talking about.

Even though the quality of the camera had always been great this comes a little bit surprising as the photo was taken from a great height. I mean with them being in space and all, you get the point guys the shot was taken by Jared from the all-glass dome. It looks perfect and beautiful. The all-glass dome is built beneath the nose cone of the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

This all seems well and fine but the major thing about it is that this gives Apple a huge boost with their new operating system coming out. We only hope that Apple does improve their camera quality more in the future, I mean it’s not that it is bad now, case in point, but there is always room for improvement. We will obviously keep you updated with the news so keep your eyes open. That’s all that we have for now.