The name that has been given to this robot is Mesobot. It is a 250-kilogram robot that is capable of scouting under the surface of the water. The robot Is very stealthy, and it is going to search the underwater depths of the ocean and sea. It will do so without disturbing the animals or water life that is under there.

This robot is not made to cause any harm but to just observe. A closer look at the underwater life and environment along with the ecosystem will provide us with a lot more info, and that will help us understand the world that we live in a little better.

Stealthy Marine Robot is Going To Study Mysterious Deep-Water Life

It can work both without any connection, and it can also work along with a cable connecting it. “All of the mechanisms that we think would frighten the animals, we looked to minimize,” says Dana Yoerger at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. He is the one who developed the Mesobot. “We made something that doesn’t disturb the water, doesn’t have bright lights, and doesn’t make a lot of noise.”

It had been made sure that the robot is not a threat to the animals under the sea and ocean. Extreme precautions have been taken to prevent the disaster. We believe that the Mesobot is going to help us get a lot of information, and that is going to progress our fundamental knowledge of things. The Mesobot has been tested, and it had provided good results. Now the plan is to make sure that the Mesobot can go on longer missions.