Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared “the end of the world has arrived” and blamed the West for not doing enough to stop Russia’s invasion of his country.


Ukrainian President Press Conference

On Thursday morning local time, the Ukrainian president held a press conference in which he urged the West to enhance military help to Ukraine, warning that otherwise Russia will advance on the rest of Europe.

The End of The World has Arrived

He re-iterated his call for a no-fly zone to be imposed by Nato, which many of its members, including the United States and United Kingdom, have rejected out of concern about sparking a direct confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia.

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“Give me planes if you can’t shut down the skies!” What Zelenskyy said. God forbid if we don’t make it, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia will be the ones to go. Reckon on it.”

Zelenskyy stated he was in regular contact with Vice President Joe Biden and other top officials after the invasion, but that their backing had not increased before then.

It’s unfortunate that it started after the conflict broke out, but at least we have it, he remarked. To [Biden] and his staff, my sincere gratitude. We can finally have regular phone conversations. In regards to Ukraine, everyone is taking too long to make a call.

Behave Like a Beast

“nobody imagined that in the current world a man can behave like a beast,” Zelenskyy, who only a few weeks ago tried to reassure Ukrainians about US claims that Russia was poised to attack his nation, claimed.

He reiterated a claim that Russian troops in Ukraine have been using mobile crematoriums to bury their dead in an effort to cover up their country’s losses.

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This is a nightmare, and I don’t know how anyone could have planned it, he remarked.

That is Nazism and it is genocide. This kind of behaviour is embarrassing to me in the twenty-first century.

The end of the world has arrived, despite what people have been saying.