Every website user wants to get the best out of his websites. The success of a website depends on the hosting it is using. So, as a webmaster, I understand which type of hosting will work to rank a website. There are many hosting providers, but most of them are running with outdated technology. I am personally using ScalaHosting for the last two years. I started with their Shared Web Hosting, and after some time, I moved to Managed Cloud VPS hosting.

ScalaHosting is surprisingly great. Looking at their service quality, it is very obvious that the provider is determined to make it huge in the world of hosting really soon. Yes, you heard it right; ScalaHosting is undoubtedly the next big company in the hosting industry.

The Future Belongs to Secured Web Hosting

ScalaHosting has two data centers, one in the United States itself and the other in the EU. In fact, another North American facility is also being developed.

Their policy is laudable and explicitly explains why the Scala Hosting provider is so brilliant but quite less popular than others. Scala offers a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, which is the industry standard.

The response time of Scala is 0.29s, even when optimization tools are turned off. The underload time is the 30s and 0.76s is the time to a fully loaded site. All these features make ScalaHosting the fastest hosting provider until now.

We should stop talking about the background – Let’s dive into the best features of Scala and see what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Scala Hosting Web Hosting Hosting and Cloud Server Hosting

The Plus Points of ScalaHosting

1. Instead of panicking and shutting down the website at first sight of some malware, Scala takes the right measures rather than causing unnecessary damage.

2. Scala provides a unique WordPress-focused flavor of its standard hosting plans without charging extra. In fact, it is bound to be the best WordPress host of 2020.

3. They provide easy to navigate and full-featured pack control panel.

4. It is quite easy to get a personal virtual server using ScalaHosting along with all its accompanying benefits.

5. In case the user already has a website, they can still move to ScalaHosting’s web server for free. In fact, they don’t have to worry about all issues associated with migration, as the tech team of Scala will do it for them.

7. Scala has very reasonable pricing. The provider is completely transparent about the whole process.

8. Scala allows its customers who sign up for 6 months to register a domain name free of cost, although this offer comes only with the advanced plan and not on all the plans.

9. All the satisfactory 5-star reviews and praising Facebook page reviews are proof that all Scala customers are happy with their services. They are ranked #1 in WHTOP and TrustPilot.

Why ScalaHosting Over Other Platforms

Scala is a delight for people who use WordPress. Moreover, if you compare it with Bluehost or SiteGround, Scala’s features will win your heart. And unlike its competitors in the business, Scala believes in spending its money on research and development rather than in marketing. And as a result of their unique approach, users are provided with some rather robust shared plans along with what are possibly the best value VPS deals one can get.

Scala is famous for its Web Hosting and Managed Cloud VPS hosting. Actually, they have some innovative features that make them different from other hosting platforms. We used Scala’s Web Hosting and Managed Cloud VPS Hosting. In the next part of the topic, you will come to know about what is both these different hosting platforms are offering. What type of hosting a webmaster should select for his websites? So, let’s start:

Scala’s Web Hosting

Scala’s web hosting serves clients in over 120 countries and powers 700,000 sites. Some of its greatest features are 99.9% uptime guarantee, absolutely free and effortless migration, revolutionary speed, and industry-leading performance.

Scala Web Hosting

It’s been offering its remarkable services for eleven years now, introducing new innovations every now and then. Its latest innovation is SPanel, which has made managed VPS services quite affordable. Scala’s Web Hosting also offers free SSL certificates for all sites. Let’s have a closer look at Scala’s Web Hosting and what it has to offer.

Web Hosting Pricing

Scala’s Web Hosting basically offers four plans, namely, Mini, Start, Advanced, and Managed VPS. Below we have listed all the plans along with all their features so that it’s easy for you to pick a plan that serves you best. Let’s have a look!

MiniStartAdvancedManaged VPS
1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
50GB StorageUnlimited StorageUnlimited Storage20GB Storage
1x CPU Power2x CPU Power4x CPU Power8x CPU Power
Free MigrationFree MigrationFree MigrationFree Migration
Shared environmentShared environmentShared environmentDedicated environment
Free DomainFree DomainFree DomainFree Domain
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSLFree SSL
Free CDNFree CDNFree CDNFree CDN
SSD Powered ServersSSD Powered ServersSSD Powered ServersSSD Powered Servers
Unlimited EmailsUnlimited EmailsUnlimited EmailsUnlimited Emails
Unlimited DatabasesUnlimited DatabasesUnlimited DatabasesUnlimited Databases
Unlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
1-Click WordPress Installer1-Click WordPress Installer1-Click WordPress Installer1-Click WordPress Installer
7 Backups for last 7 days7 Backups for last 7 days7 Backups for last 7 daysDaily Remote Backups
White-label HostingWhite-label HostingWhite-label HostingWhite-label Hosting
SShield Cyber-securitySShield Cyber-securitySShield Cyber-security
Pro Spam ProtectionPro Spam Protection
SEO Analysis worth $49SEO Analysis worth $49
Priority SupportPriority Support
Guaranteed Resources
Faster Than Shared Hosting
Dedicated IP
LiteSpeed/OpenLiteSpeed support
Better Google Rankings
Never Blacklisted
Free Snapshots
Starting Price: $3.95 MonthlyStarting Price: $5.95 MonthlyStarting Price: $9.95 MonthlyStarting Price: $9.95 Monthly
At renewal: $5.95At renewal: $8.95At renewal: $13.95At renewal: $13.95

Scala Web Hosting Features

Only the features can explain what a Hosting platform is offering to its users. So, let’s find out Scala’s Web

1. Award-Winning 24/7 Support

24-7 Support

Scala support team is the most knowledgeable and dedicated to providing fast client support to assist users with any issues they have at any time. It is the key to long-lasting, happy customers.

2. Automatic Daily Backups

Automatic Daily Backups

The site data of the clients are always safe and protected via automatic daily backups on some remote server. All this data can be restored with one simple click in case of any sort of data loss.

3. Ultimate Cybersecurity

Ultimate Cybersecurity

SShield Cybersecurity blocks as much as 99.98% of web attacks. It is the ultimate cybersecurity. SShields Cybersecurity monitors clients’ sites 24/7, real-time.

4. 100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customers can easily install Joomla, PrestaShop, WordPress, and other CMS, along with over 100+ apps and scripts with one simple click.

5. Free Website Migration

Free Website Migration

In case you are switching to a better hosting, Scala’s migration specialists can ease your tension by migrating as many sites as you wish to, for absolutely free of cost. All you have to do is provide your login details to your old server, migration specialists at Scala will migrate and ensure that your websites are working efficiently on the new server. After that, you can change the name servers and then point the site to your new server.

Scala’s Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

Scala’s Managed Cloud VPS Hosting is the new revolution in Scala’s journey as well as in its clients’. It allows its users to create unlimited accounts with dedicated IP as well as resources. As usual, the migration of websites is free for as many websites as you want.

It also offers a SPanel control panel and is faster than shared hosting. The websites are managed by Scala’s experts day and night. One of the best things, it has SShield real-time protection.

Managed Cloud VPS Pricing

Scala’s Managed Cloud VPS Hosting offers four plans in total, namely, Start, Advanced, Business, and Enterprise. They are listed below with all their features to help you select which one suits your needs best. Let’s have a look!

Additional in-built features of worth +$84 per monthAdditional in-built features of worth +$84 per monthAdditional in-built features of worth +$84 per monthAdditional in-built features of worth +$84 per month
2 GB RAM and 20 GB SSD4GB RAM and 30 GB SSD6GB RAM and 50 GB SSD8 GB RAM and 80 GB SSD
1 CPU Core2 CPU Cores4 CPU Cores6 CPU Cores
Free migration and snapshotsFree migration and snapshotsFree migration and snapshotsFree migration and snapshots
SPanel Control PanelSPanel Control PanelSPanel Control PanelSPanel Control Panel
Fully ManagedFully ManagedFully ManagedFully Managed
Daily Remote BackupsDaily Remote BackupsDaily Remote BackupsDaily Remote Backups
SShield Security ProtectionSShield Security ProtectionSShield Security ProtectionSShield Security Protection
Better Google rankingsBetter Google rankingsBetter Google rankingsBetter Google rankings
Guaranteed resourcesGuaranteed resourcesGuaranteed resourcesGuaranteed resources
Dedicated IP AddressDedicated IP AddressDedicated IP AddressDedicated IP Address
Starting Price: $9.5/ MonthlyStarting Price: $21.95 MonthlyStarting Price: $41.95 MonthlyStarting Price: $63.95 Monthly
At renewal: $13.95At renewal: $25.95At renewal: $45.95At renewal: $67.95

How SPanel Compares to CPanel

There are various features that make both of them different from each other. For instance, the monthly price for cPanel VPS is $15 to $200+, whereas SPanel VPS comes free of cost.

SPanel uses SWordPress Manager while WordPress Manager of CPanel is basic. Moreover, users can create unlimited accounts using both of them except CPanel charges extra for it, and SPanel does it for free.

Hosted WebsitesUnlimitedLicense plans

$15 - 5 accounts

$19.95 - 50 accounts

$29.95 - 50 accounts

$41.95 - 100 accounts

$45.95 - 150 accounts

$52.95 - 200 accounts

$61.95 - 250 accounts

$10 - additional 50 accounts
Cybersecurity softwareSShield real-time protectionNo, ($20/mo for an alternative)
NGINX supportYesNo
OpenLiteSpeed supportYesNo
ManagementFully managedDepends on hosting provider ($10/mo extra on average)
BackupsDaily backups includedDepends on hosting provider ($10/mo extra on average)
Feature-rich WordPress ManagerYesBasic WP 1-click install ($3/mo extra for an alternative)
Control User CPU, RAM, IO usageYesNo, ($12/mo extra for an alternative)
Included HardwareYes, 1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD spaceNo, ($7/mo extra for an alternative)
Let's Encrypt SSL integrationYesYes
Multiple PHP versions supportedYesYes
Multiple PHP versions supported$12 (host unlimited websites)$82 (host up to 5 accounts)

Why You Should Choose Scala’s Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

1. Scala Hosting (SPanel) Control Panel

Scala Hosting (SPanel) Control Panel

There are various benefits of SPanel over CPanel, as we have discussed above in this article. It is compatible with the CPanel and will also save its users $15/month for a cPanel license. Moreover, it does not eat from the server’s resources, unlike the cPanel.

2. Fully Managed

Fully Managed

ScalaHosting is determined to keep its customers’ server healthy. They set up, configure, secure as well as optimize its clients’ server. In short, they will fully manage their clients’ cloud servers.

3. SSD & HDD Disk Option Available

SSD and HDD Disk Space

You can have both SSD as well as an HDD disk. The user gets to decide whether they want all their data stored on SSD disk for high performance, or they wish to use the SSD disk for databases and OS and store files on HDD disk, which is relatively much cheaper.

4. Improved Security

Improved Security

If a site on any shared server is compromised, the hackers can use it for attacking and compromising other sites on that server. But you can improve 100% security by isolating your site on your own server.

5. Never Get Blacklisted

Never Get Blacklisted

Your IP gets blacklisted when a compromised account on any shared server sends SPAM. It can lead to emails not being delivered or being delivered to the junk/spam folder. With ScalaHosting servers come with a dedicated IP address, which means they can never get blacklisted, and emails sent will always reach their recipients.

6. Gives Guaranteed Resources

Shared hosting doesn’t guarantee that your site will get all the resources it needs for proper functioning. Isolating your site to a separate server fixes this problem.

7. High Availability

We honestly believe the 21st century is the age of Technology. By utilizing the latest advancements, ScalaHosting provides a whole new type of SSD cloud server technology that is capable of maintaining great stability at all times. The self-healing cloud infrastructure of the servers enables it to repair automatically. Scala guarantees maximum uptime.

Difference Between Shared and Cloud hosting?

Difference Between Shared and Cloud hosting

Although Shared hosting is a cheaper way to get all the services you need, it is very prone to web attacks as you have to share everything with many other users, and if any of them is blacklisted or hacked, your risk of being blacklisted and hacked increased several folds.

On the other hand, the VPS server is safe and fast with 100% control. Using their services, you can put your mind into growing business instead of worrying about web attacks and slow speed.

You can have your own cloud VPS along with a control panel, snapshots as well as daily backups; managed 24/7 by experts. All this at a comparable charge to shared hosting, which starts at just $12/month.

Final Words

Scala web hosting is a great platform for beginners at website designing. Scala Managed Cloud VPS Hosting, on the other hand, is for professional web designers who handle complex websites. Both provide great features at a very reasonable price, and the quality service rendered in excellent. But, I suggest webmasters go with Managed Cloud VPS Hosting. It simply provides you more control security and features. Thank you for reading!