The song Courage(The things I do for Love) is a single release from the music artist ‘The Enchanted Plug’. It was released in the year 2020.

The Enchanted Plug is a young aspiring musician who is just beginning his musical adventure. In this initial phase he has released many songs like Parachutes, Ringtone and many more amazing songs.

The Things I Do For Love Courage


Things I do for Love Courage

Courage (Things I do for Love) is about a man who is trying to protect his lover from the evils of the society but in turn gets friend zoned. In this song a man is making an effort by taking actions that he believes would win his lover’s attention and closeness but,whenever he calls his lover he only receives bad news.

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Whenever she is in trouble, she calls him crying and he always rescues her from her problems and mess.The girl is not trying to notice his efforts and appreciate it. Instead she keeps falling for the bad guys. This is the reason the singer calls his lover as ‘Trouble’. She promises the singer to chill with him on the weekends but, when he texts her, she talks to her boyfriend instead of responding.

After listening to the lyrics carefully, you would see how courageous the man is. Even though he knows that his lover may not accept him as her boyfriend, he still helps her to solve problems and the mess she has created.His only hope is to not be left abandoned by her like a stupid dog.

This is a song that almost everyone, especially teenagers can relate to their own life experience. They often try to win heart of someone that does not pay attention to them.

The music video of this song is fun to watch. In the first few seconds of the video shows different cartoon characters trying to do moonwalk and stunts.

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Last Words

It is fast paced rap song. The song is full of beats. This song sounds even better when it is played on a Bluetooth speaker. While listening to Courage, you can’t stop yourself from dancing. Next time don’t forget to play this song in your party.

Courage is available on Apple music, Spotify and YouTube.