The Cinematic Orchestra is a well renowned music group of United Kingdom. This group was founded by Jason Swinscoe in the year 1999.There are 10 members in this music group including Jason Swinscoe. They have their own record label called Motion Audio Records.

There is a House Built Out of Stone

‘There is a House Built Out of Stone’ aka ‘To Build a Home’ is one of their Amazing Song.

This song is their very first single release.It is a bit different from their regular style of music. This song is one of a kind just like our fingerprints and it will always be unique to the Cinematic Orchestra.

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‘To Build a Home’ is a slow paced song which gives the listeners time to make meaning out of it which is personal to them. People in different phases of life will derive different meaning from this song.

If recently a person had to go through a breakup, then this song will remind them of how they used to dream about building a home which is the metaphor of life, with their lover, which unfortunately got covered by dust, a metaphor of no longer being able to see the life that he dreamt.

On the other hand, if a person has to leave a home in which he was born and grew up, he would view this song as reminder of his old home filled with memories.

A lot of people associate this song with their family and friends who with time becomes their family.

They share their problems and insecurities with friends who makes them feel comfortable and welcomed just like an actual home of a person does. ‘To Build a Home’reminds its listeners to enjoy the home that they built or that was built because not every home lasts forever.

This makes the song an emotional roller coaster because one minute we are happy thinking about our existing home and the next minute we become afraid of losing it.

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The music video with lyrics have 43.3 Million views on YouTube. ‘There is a house built out of stone’ reminds its listeners about their memories with people who are there home and with people who once were a home which fell apart.

To enjoy this song, put on your headphones, sit back and relax. This song will take you to your dream land.