According to a tweet posted by ADDISON RAE, the social media celebrity and aspiring actress who is widely credited for bringing TikTok to the masses was briefly banned from the app on Thursday night.

A 21-year-old social media star with 85 million followers tweeted, “Well time to get a job,” along with a screenshot of a message saying her account had been suspended for “many violations of our Community Guidelines.”

Tiktok Star Addison Raes Account Reinstated After Being ...


Tiktok Star Addison Raes Account Reinstated After Being

Rae’s page was down briefly on Thursday night, but as of early Friday morning, it seems to be back up and running, with her most recent video being a sponsored promo for Nintendo. Rae’s account was hacked in August of 2020, so this isn’t the first time it’s been removed.

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It’s not clear why she was banned in the first place, but it’s not uncommon for trolls to bombard popular creators—often women—with allegations of them breaking the rules.

Social media users claimed that Rae had been banned because of a video she posted of herself dancing in a blue dress that briefly zoomed in on her (clothed) rear end.

However, the majority of what she shares consists of harmless sponsored articles and snippets of her dancing. There was no instant response from either a TikTok representative or Rae’s camp when we reached out for comment.

Rae is a popular creator on the video-sharing platform TikTok, with a third-place finish after dancer Charli D’Amelio and TikTok user Khaby Lame from Italy.

By the beginning of 2019, she had amassed millions of views on her dance videos and was temporarily associated with the platform’s most prominent collab house, the Hype House.

Despite facing backlash for her apparent cultural appropriation, most notably after a widely mocked appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show, she has broken through to the mainstream with the release of her debut single “Obsessed” and a starring role in Netflix’s He’s All That reboot of the 1990s sitcom She’s All That.

In a community known for its strict policing of sexual content, Rae’s experience—in which she was instantly reinstated after being banned—stands out.

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