In this guide, we’ll cover 9 effective tips & tricks for Mac Users. The macOS comes packed with features that even people who have been using these computers for years have no clue about it. More to it, each year, with the new macOS coming out, the list of features is growing.

Thus you have already chosen to invest in such a high quality and reliable computer as Mac; it would be a shame to miss out on its best features.

Tips and Tricks for Mac Users


Top 9 Tips & Tricks for Mac Users

Therefore in this list, we are going to share nine short tips and tricks for Mac users that will include enabling the Flash Player, making your computer faster, and accepting calls using your Mac.

Tip 1: Enable Flash Player

The Flash Player has been disabled on Mac for many strong arguments, one of the most important being the security issues. However, if you want to play certain sentimental media files on the internet, you will not be able to open them without Flash Player.

Thus if you are wondering about how to enable adobe flash player on chrome, here’s how you do it. First, open the web browser. Then, go to Settings, find and click on the Privacy and Security option, choose Site Settings, and click Flash. Switch the toggle to the option “Ask first.”

Tip 2: Learn the Shortcuts

To make your user experience on a Mac even better, give it a chance to learn some keyboard shortcuts. As macOS is known for its easy navigation and the operating system’s intuitiveness, learning the shortcuts will save you a bunch of time.

Tip 3: Learn Touchpad Gestures

If you own a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro and you have recently upgraded from a Windows operating system, do not use macOS as you would use Windows.

Take your time to learn the Touchpad gestures that will help you use your computer even faster and smoother. For example, to navigate to another open app, you do not need to minimize the current window and then go to the app. Just swipe through the Touchpad with your three fingers up and click on the app you wish to open.

Tip 4: Answer Calls on Your Mac

To answer calls quicker, you can use your Mac instead of your iPhone. For example, if your phone is in a bag or in another room, answering calls on your Mac can be very convenient because you won’t have to go and look for your phone.

Answer Calls on Your Mac

To enable answering calls on your Mac, take your iPhone, go to the Settings App, Phone, and choose the option “Allow calls on other devices.”

Tip 5: Ensure You Have Enough Disk Space

If you want to ensure that your Mac’s HD is in good condition and performs as best as possible, make sure that you always have enough free disk space. 

To check how much of it you have left, open the Apple menu by clicking at the upper corner of the screen, then click About This Mac, and navigate to the Storage tab. If free storage space is less than 10%, go ahead and delete some pictures and uninstall some apps or start using the iCloud storage.

Tip 6: Use the Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search is a very convenient tool that will help you open apps and certain items faster. To open the Spotlight Search, either use the Command + Space combination or click the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Tip 7: Unlock Your Mac With Apple Watch

If you own other Mac devices, remember that Apple is known for the connectivity and the ability to sync its devices.

Unlock Your Mac With Apple Watch

For example, if you have an Apple Watch, you can unlock your Mac by simply getting close to the computer while wearing an unlocked watch.

Tip 8: Create More Screen Space

If you are struggling with the screen space you have, there is no need to go and purchase another monitor if you have an iPad at home.

By using specialized software, you can easily connect your iPad to your Mac and use the tablet as the second screen for a calendar, CRM tool, group communication software, or whatnot.

Tip 9: Use Stacks for Desktop

Having too many items on your desktop will slow down your Mac. Surely, it is best to build a healthy habit and remove unneeded files from the desktop at the end of the day.

However, not everyone has time for that. Luckily, macOS has a great feature called Stacks that will quickly sort the items on your desktop by their file type. To activate the feature, go to the desktop, click View from the top menu, and choose the option to Use Stacks.