Our northern neighbor is home to a wide variety of tourist attractions, from the bustling streets of Toronto to the towering peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Choosing the best one for your next vacation can be challenging.

This is why American politics is so divisive. This list of the top locations to visit in Canada was compiled by News after taking into account user votes and expert opinions, as well as other variables including cost, entertainment, and variety of hotels and resorts.

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Top 7 Places to Visit in Canada


Best Places To Visit In Canada In 2023

One tenth of the world’s forests are located in Canada, therefore it’s not surprising that the country’s forested area accounts for half of its overall landmass. Planning a trip to Canada? If you’re planning a trip to Canada, here’s the ultimate guide to must-see destinations. Look over the top tourist destinations in Canada and decide where you want to go.

1. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a relatively new metropolis, even by North American standards (it was incorporated in 1886). Nonetheless, its cultural richness makes up for its lack of historical depth.

Visit numerous museums, galleries, and shops in Vancouver that are dedicated to Indigenous (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) art and history. The city’s trendy boutiques and emphasis on healthy eating make it a desirable urban destination.

Vancouver’s picturesque mountains and beaches have served as the backdrop for numerous hit TV shows and movies, such as “Riverdale,” “X-Files,” and “Deadpool,” so don’t be surprised if you recognize some of your favorite landmarks from your favorite scenes or even happen upon a production in progress.

2. Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is one of the wildest areas in Canada and offers breathtaking views in every direction. From the summit of Mount Edith Cavell to the depths of Maligne Canyon, tourists have a wide variety of landscapes to take in along the way.

The park attracts travelers from all around the Northern Hemisphere to its location on Alberta’s eastern border.

As the largest park in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site that also includes Banff and a few other parks. Caribou, wolverines, and moose, among others, are abundant in this area of about 2.7 million acres.

3. Niagara Falls: An Elegant View

Every “top locations to visit in Canada during summers” list would have to include Niagara Falls. This well-known metropolis is situated near the enchanted waterfalls of the same name, making it an excellent destination for those in search of the fantastical.

Moreover, it ranks among Canada’s most recognizable and desirable tourist destinations. Take lots of shots and enjoy the scenery at the waterfall. Seeing Niagara Falls at night is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

4. Whistler: Your Perfect Ski Resort

Whistler, British Columbia is a great spot to spend a winter vacation because it is home to one of the major ski resorts in North America. Exciting winter sports, such as skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing, can be enjoyed in this beautiful landscape.

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, is a great spot to visit if you enjoy extreme sports. You may take a taxi from Vancouver to Whistler and arrive there in around 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you’re looking for a luxurious hotel in Canada, Edmonton has some of the best options.

5. Quebec City: Explore The French Influence

Known as the oldest walled city in North America, Quebec City is also widely regarded as the country’s most stunning metropolis and a must-see for any couple with a penchant for mysticism, love, and all things French. I hope you and your significant other have a fantastic time in Quebec City. Canada’s artistic and cultural scenes make it a must-visit destination.

6. St. John’s: An Artist’s Retreat

Canada’s abundance of tourist attractions may leave visitors feeling spoiled. St. John’s is like a miniature San Francisco, famous for its candy-colored and crayon-hued homes and reputation as an artist’s haven.

One of Canada’s top tourist destinations, you may feel safe venturing out into the city. The energy here is as invigorating as that of any modern metropolis, making it ideal for a vacation at any time of year. Water Street is a must-see while you’re in town.

7. Churchill: Seek Tons Of Adventure

This is the best Canadian tourist attraction you should visit. This little village on Hudson Bay is one of the best tourist destinations in all of Canada.

Churchills, best known as the “polar bear capital of the world,” is a fantastic destination for those who want to get up close and personal with some amazing animals. Adventurers will love this place because of the abundance of exciting underwater activities available.


Canada’s finest attractions show that despite its relatively small size, the country has what it takes to please tourists of all stripes. After you see them for yourself, you’ll gladly agree with us. Canada provides everything you might want from a vacation, from beautiful lakes and gardens to exciting cities. See the Canadian Mountains and the trendy districts of Toronto.