Almost 40 million people from outside of Europe are expected to visit the United Kingdom this year. And because of its compact size and well-developed infrastructure, getting from the rough heathland to the beautiful beaches only takes a few hours.

Nonetheless, there is so much to do and see that planning your itinerary might be difficult. In order to help you narrow down your selections, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite sites to visit in the UK.


Top 7 Places to Visit in UK

So, you’re thinking about 2023 as the year you take a vacation. A break to recharge, take in some culture, socialize with friends, or travel. But where precisely should you go? Time Out UK is here to remind you that you are overlooking a wealth of incredible travel options, including this very country.

1. Big Ben

The Big Ben is a must-see attraction during every summertime trip to the United Kingdom. The clock tower bearing this name can be seen in downtown London, close to Westminster Abbey. Augustus Pugin envisioned the tower to be around a hundred meters in height.

Tourists go there every year to get their picture taken in front of the landmark, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a popular tourist destination and a symbol of the United Kingdom in the eyes of artists around the world.

2. London Eye

When most people think of London, a large Ferris wheel immediately comes to mind. Situated on the banks of the Thames, this wheel is a favorite among tourists, especially young couples, for its breathtaking views of the city.

Almost 140 meters in height, the wheel is traversed by means of 32 capsules located around its periphery. The attraction serves as an observation deck, and the trip itself is widely regarded as one of the most romantic in the United Kingdom.

3. Stonehenge

Stonehenge, a Neolithic site and a wonderful destination for families, is a must-see for history fans of all ages. It is believed that this site, located near Amesbury, England, dates back to 3000 BC. Since 1986, it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to speculation that it used as a cemetery or observatory.

The fact that no one knows for sure what these stones represent or what this site was built for adds to its allure. It is one of the most significant historical sites in Britain, however, because it is flanked by numerous neolithic structures and burial grounds.

4. Hyde Park

Of London’s royal parks, Hyde is among the finest. The area was utilized as a hunting preserve in the late 1600s and is close to Kensington Palace. It has developed into one of the country’s most important parks and an integral part of the city’s cultural life.

It has become a haven for the defense of free expression and has hosted performances by several musicians, including Queen and Pink Floyd. The park is easily accessible by the famous London underground and major thoroughfares. It’s one of the best spots to have a picnic in the UK in October.

5. Edinburgh: Scotland’s Capital

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is often regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. Edinburgh is perhaps most famous as the location of the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, one of the city’s many well-preserved historic buildings.

The Scottish Crown Jewels are housed in the Royal Palace of this 13th-century royal castle, which is perched high above the ancient city on a rocky promontory. The famed One O’Clock Salute is held daily at Half Moon Battery.

The famous Stone of Destiny (the Stone of Scone), which had been kept in London for 700 years, was recently restored to Scotland and is another must-see attraction.

6. Roman-Era Bath

Bath, although being one of the UK’s smaller cities, makes up for its lack of size with its abundance of attractions. This lovely city was given its name because of the historical significance of the Roman Baths located there.

The 43 various minerals in the water give it its healing characteristics, and it rises some 3,048 meters in the course of a day, pouring out at a constant 46.5 degrees Celsius after gushing from three hot springs.

While a soak in the historic Roman Baths is out of the question, visitors can experience the city’s renowned waters at one of several adjacent spas, including the world-class Thermae Bath Spa.

7. Ancient Stonehenge and Medieval Salisbury

Stonehenge, one of the world’s oldest World Heritage Sites, has been visited by worshippers for almost 4,500 years. Tourists are attracted by the massive size of this impressive monument to human achievement, albeit its original purpose is unknown.

More than 20 square kilometers in size, this facility also features an ultramodern information center. Not only can you learn interesting details about how Stonehenge was built, but also about its subsequent history. You should schedule your visit in advance and buy a ticket with a certain time slot.


One of Europe’s most visited countries is the United Kingdom (UK), which consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The country’s attraction stems in large part from its spectacular landscapes and varied cultural offerings.

The United Kingdom is home to countless world-class attractions, from historic manors and castles to cutting-edge museums and galleries. But, one of the best parts of a trip to the United Kingdom is the ease with which you may travel about the country and learn about its unique history and culture.

Because of its compact size, the United Kingdom allows visitors to base themselves in major cities like London or Liverpool and easily travel to other regions via train, bus, or ferry.