Transcription Software is a simple tool that looks up the facility for conversion of the human voice or sound to text form or generally known as speech to text. In addition to this, it’s meaning has been changing for decades as the new addition of languages and speech recognitions coming in use.

Additionally, Transcription Software is used for business, legal or medical purpose. If compared text script takes less memory than the audio and is more searchable and is an alternate method for communication.

Best Transcription Software for Windows

Now, there are many tools available for the conversion of Audio or Video Files to Text files. Some are paid versions with many exciting features. There are features like automatic conversion and the latter with the manual.


10 Best Free and Paid Transcription Software

Let’s have a look at these 10 Best free and paid Transcription Softwares For Microsoft Windows:-

1. Eurescribe

Eurescribe software is used for transcription has the fastest processing speed for audio and video files. The best part of it is that it can breakdown big media segments into small pieces or length so that the writing process becomes accurate and easier, also it has many hotkeys making it’s operation easy and unique.

All major file types are supported such as MP3, AVI, WAV, DVD VIDEO, WMA and MPEG. There are two different versions of it mainly named as individuals for use in-home or personal offices.

For workgroup, there is different version i.e workgroup version. All the transcripted files will be saved in subtitle video format or RTF extension file for PDF one has to do conversions, otherwise, the tool is best in class, one can definitely go for it.

2. Listen N Write

Listen N Write is a freeware freeware Transcription tool with no installation which just runs the program after downloading. A windows opens with all the facilities to edit and convert the audio file and you are good to go. However, this tool has a limited feature and does not support the automatic transaction.

The UI is very simple for the absolute beginner with the availability of skip and rewind feature of audio. It supports Windows XP and above with compatibility of WAV and MP3 files.

It has an in-built feature that enables it to stop after 5 seconds to let the user write the text further this can be adjusted if one wants to listen more of that. It also comes with a bookmark feature so that all the previous works can be recalled.


So MAXQDA a totally freeware Transcription Software available on Windows platform with high features quality and has the ability to analyze interviews, audio/video files, and online data. You can make and view the sophisticated data with its data analysis feature.

MAXQDA Software adopts the capacity to transcript the audio and video files quickly and sounds can be adjusted too. This has a feature known as foot pedals by which transcription can be accelerated.

After downloading and installing the program user will get a blank page document from where they can get started to the features of it and start working. With many keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys, the tool has been set up for the house and professional use.

With rewind feature user can jump to the media section where they want to also it does has a different feature by which a timestamp option activates so that one doesn’t have confusion that where he has to jump for particular transcript.

4. Seventh String Software

Developed by Seventh String Corporation this software is widely used by many people who are in the music or recording field i.e this tool is best for transcription of music and record files.

Seventh String Software has a Foot pedal feature which makes life easier with an inbuilt music player which has the capacity to change the pitch and speed of the music or recordings. Also, this has many transcriptions that are specially designed for speech to text conversion.

5. Enhilex Medical Transaction Software

Enhilex Medical Transaction Software tool is famous among all the peoples related to the medical field as it can hold tons of medical abbreviations and names related to it in a specific folder. These entries are very important and required by all medical professionals.

All the stored data can be copied to MS-Word or any other text editor. This comes with a free trial as it’s a professional software. Further, it can be purchased. Also, it enables to manage of the user with search operations.

 6. Transcribe

Transcribe is an extremely amazing Transcription Software with an automatic inscription that can convert speech to text with BGM (background music) and speakers. Also with hotkey features the recording, editing, adding subtitles and rewind features the process can be handled in a better and nice way or by speeding up the process twice or thrice.

Transcribe supports all the file types that are present currently like MP3, WAV, WMA, MPEG, etc. This enables the user to listen to audio or video in the same windows where the transcription is going on so it becomes easy for you to write and listen to once which will save immense time. Many hotkeys such as shortcuts, undo keys can correct the error. All the work will be saved as a .doc file. This tool has a Foot pedal and Timestamp feature.

Also, there is a feature like automatic conversion of speech to the text where audios are automatically converted to text just like in Android phones we say OK Google… and it does it work by listening us. It supports Asia language as well as the European language.

7. Transcriber Pro

Transcription Software doesn’t support Windows 10 but runs with other versions like Vista/7/8/8.1. As it’s a fast and easy process it is widely used in professional works. This includes the same text and audio page in one place.

So, it reduces the conceptual time of work. Again with hotkeys, it has Foot Pedal support and unique HTML expert option. You can split the overall media. Finally, merge it into one.

8. Transcription Helper

Moreover, supporting every media file type such as MP3, WAV, WMA, MPEG, DVD VIDEO, AVI, and MOV. Apart from this, it is an excellent masterpiece for adding lyrics and subtitles to movies or songs.

Also, the program doesn’t require installation just download and you are good to go which means it’s portable and comes in handy. Again with hotkeys and Foot Pedals facility, it comes with a timestamp feature with which one can jump to the time where they want. With such appreciated features, this tool is best available in the digital market.

9. Voice Again

Voice again is best for interview and dictation transcription as it has slow down and speeds up features. It gives the best work environment for the user. With its high capacity algorithms, the voice clarity of any media can be retained even if it has been slowed or speeded up.

Moreover, it supports every file type MP3, WAV, WMA, and AVI. Also, it’s specially designed so that it is compatible with CD and DVD audio or video.

10. Microsoft Speech To Text Transcribe

Almost everyone has a Windows PC. Use the media files or recording directly to enable the in-built transcription. Do it with the help of a microphone. Windows 10 users run this directly by searching Windows Speech Recognition in Cortana Bar.

And for other versions, it’s right available on the control panel. A Setup Wizard will open. Th is will show all the information to set up a microphone and will get you started. The Notepad document generally save these transcribed files.



Thus, Transcription has become very common in use whether professional or personal. Many Transcription Software are available on the internet that can be used and they all are great. Many PC comes with inbuilt support for these type of tools. Also, many are freeware or demo version. We can purchase more software to unlock some new features.

These were the list and details of the software. It has been doing great in the market. All are free (some are paid). They all are good at doing their work depending on the user to user. Now all lengthy movies can have subtitles and songs can have lyrics. If you are professional go for the paid ones. Else, you change your mind you can opt for free tools with powerful abilities. For tryout one can use the Windows built-in feature of Windows Speech Recognition.