Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, stated on Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent performance on the world stage demonstrated her incompetence in foreign affairs.


Where do we Start?

Last week, Vice President Harris travelled to Germany on behalf of the Biden administration to meet with European leaders and, ideally, lessen the likelihood of war between Russia and Ukraine while President Biden remained in the United States.

Tulsi Gabbard Calls Kamala Harris Russia Marks Embarrassing ...

Harris’s contradictory claims during the trip’s final news conference were embarrassing. Harris, on the one hand, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “made his decision” to invade Ukraine.

Harris, on the other hand, stated that the United States was ready to implement crushing economic sanctions, which she assured would “certainly” prevent Putin from invading Ukraine.

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To What did Gabbard Tefer?

“This is really mortifying. It’s confusing trying to make sense of all those jumbled words. It is very evident that she was dispatched there to represent the United States as a matter of sheer political calculation “It was Gabbard who made the statement.

“Not only does she lack any prior experience in foreign affairs, but she also knows very little about the topic.

She lacks the temperament to represent the United States internationally and is clueless about the price of war. Seeing this unfold is humiliating.”
Former Hawaii Democrat representative Tulsi Gabbard said that Harris’s warnings of deterrent sanctions violated the laws of “grade-school knowledge.”

“She mentioned punitive measures as a means of deterrence. The best way to prevent a crime is to punish the perpetrator before they even commit it.

There isn’t much to it. Similar to a first-year university student’s comprehension, “As Gabbard put it. “Why wouldn’t a child think, “Fine, I might as well go ahead and do it anyhow if you’re going to punish me before I do it”? This isn’t a complicated issue.”

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Last Words

After further explanation, Gabbard stated that the American people “would be left holding the bag” for the Biden administration’s approach to the war between Ukraine and Russia.
Their already tense relationship has been highlighted by Gabbard’s pointed criticism of Harris.

After Gabbard ripped into Harris during a Democratic primary discussion about Harris’ record as a prosecutor and California’s attorney general, it’s possible that Gabbard is to blame for Harris’ failed 2020 presidential run.