Typing is the domain of secretaries and writers, and in modern times comprise computer skills typing speed and accuracy. Things can get embarrassing sometimes at work if an individual is a slow typer, but it’s never too late to learn. Typing is the most important and challenging skill, but it is not absurd to learn and master with the help of practice and the typing software and possible to write 100 words per minute.

Best Free Typing Software for Windows and Mac

Top 10 Free Typing Software for Windows and Mac Users

Practice can make everybody perfect, and with Free Typing Software options, the user can opt for any typing software according to their needs to learn to type.

1. KeyBlaze

Free Typing Tutor from NCH Software can help anybody to learn to touch-type or practice their typing skills. It offers basic lessons, drills, and speed tests suitable on home keys for typists ranging from absolute beginners to keyboard jockeys.

The lessons are easy to learn and understand with prompt feedback that can help the users quickly. The software needs users’ names and words-per-minute targets and provides options to select the optional initial skill test from the setup based. The first view is like a typewriter, with a standard keyboard image below a blank entry field.

The user had to select the initial test, which involved typing in a series of tongue-twisters at average typing speed. KeyBlaze sounded an alarm whenever the user hit the wrong key, and it popped the mistake with red codes.

The Tools tablet the user import exercises, create reports, and a stop button feature is present so that the user can conclude the test at any time. It is considerable for beginners. It can work with both Windows and Mac OS.

2. Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer is free license software by Typing Masters helps the user to brush up their typing skills; it also studies the typer writing skills and techniques to make specific recommendations to improve their writing skills.

This training software has plenty of features and tests to check the speed by taking tests through games and much more. The user can configure in many languages and with different keyboard styles. Furthermore, Typing trainer 8.0 is a free version available for Windows 8. It opens with a full-screen user-interface, and in the educational system, everyone are a big fan of full-screen displays.

But typing trainer’s developers recognize that everyone feels the same way. The trainer opens on training tab, which offers 2 main features of the program, first is Quick Typing Boost which aims to tune up the typing in an hour or less, it starts with bubble game. It moves through common words, sentence drills, and analysis, and the second main feature is Typing Analyzer, which tracks the type as the user use the computer and guide to help the user with the trouble spots.

These exercises are fun and challenging and made the users’ figures flying. This compelling tool includes the link to the information on the security page for the concern about its key tracking capacity.

One minor annoying feature is that it has theme music when it starts, but it can be turned off in settings along with other sounds, and it has some simple graphics with some repetitive exercise.

3. Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing Tutor is a free tool tutor for personal and corporate use, even no registration and no limitations, and for the use, no internet access is required. The user can have the latest version always. With its lessons and tutorials organized to improve the users’ typing speed and accuracy, it is a convenient keyboard trainer.

It includes the virtual keyboard that will prompt the keys to press while the user is approaching through the typing timed based tests. The learner can choose the tasks between beginner, advanced, and expert level, and evaluation of performance can be done at any time.

Rapid Typing Tutor supports the Windows 64-bit version and works on Linux and other x86-based Linux. It has a minimum display area of 680 X 420 with a text size of 100% and more than 256- high colors and 128 Mb RAM available.

This software is capable of running without installation. Rapid typing is rather more adequate to tool for learning the typing games, in which the gamer needs to type limited random words in a short time.

4. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor is CAI (Computer Aided Instructions) flexible, supportive customized keyboards layouts. It also 22 supports multiple languages and many different layouts.

After the completion of the test, the performances are saved, but the statistics results are not featured. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor also lacks many basic features found in other software.

5. Type Faster

Type Faster is the free typing tutor that demonstrate users how to touch type. The ability to type without having a look at the keyboard. This software has a unique feature that includes accessibility to blind users and support for multiple keyboards layouts and templates.

It’s dictionaries are customizable. Type Faster teaches users how to type efficiently with numeric keys too. Typing statistics show users which keystrokes are their weakest and provide tools to prioritize their practicing with the least accurate and more customized additional practice sessions are included. The software is simple, shows the keyboard with clear indications where the keys are present.

Text size during tutorials and practice can be changed to fit any learner’s needs. Lessons are interesting as well users are typing poems sections as the necessary lessons. Type Faster software has the feature of progress indicator where users can track how far they’ve progressed in tests.

But even though the text size can be changed but it does not show any modification in text size. This software always available, and it is tested virus-free. Type Faster also features 3-d gaming tools

6. Just Type

Just Type is the free typing software that helps the users to do typing competently. It is a trivial form of software that teaches the process of touch type to its users.

The technique of touch type typing is where the type hardly looks at the keyboard. It is highly beneficial for kids to gain the skills required in typing. This application has an advanced form of keyboard designs and formats.

7. Ratatype Online

As the name describes. It provides online tests and tutorials. Ratatype Online software is essential for schools and students who cannot buy a premium version of the software. The user gets a URL to share with friends, family, and others and can ask them to join.

User can create as much as a group as required. The tests require less time and include not many complicated words. The user will get immediate feedback on their tests were taken, and the best score will be recorded. Each student has separate records of their tests, and the records are saved in the cloud, and every Ratatype users can access from anywhere.

The text that the user has to type pops up on the screen, and if the user does not write it correctly, then this program lets the user correct the word before continuing the next word. Students can set their goals to progress their typing skills, and even teachers can set their goals for their students.

The amusing feature is that when anyone scores the goal and rewards are provided in certificate form, that can be a part of CVs, and certificates are according to the certain level. Ratatype offers an email address through which the user can contact the team and can ask the questions or report the problems.

But this program is not suitable in complicated language work because it contains necessary language tests and less time of test is also a drawback

8. KTouch Typing Tutor

KTouch Typing Tutor is a free-typing tutor with many kinds of levels. This software will take the user from the necessary steps of typing to the professional level. It supports different keyboard templates and layouts. It also makes typing easy by indicating which key to press. It is suitable for all the ages and experienced or non- mature learners.

While during tests, there is a clock to keep the record for the time being used, and there is another window that tracks the user’s speed. KTouch Typing Tutor also analyzes the decrease and increases in the number of typed words per minute. A window is there to check-on the accuracy while typing.

KTouch Typing Tutor provides results on a percentage basis. During training, it collects comprehensive statistical information to help the user to let them know about their up-gradation of learning. It is distributed under the terms of GNU, General Public licenses.

9. Max Type Pro

Max Type Pro is the typing learning tool that helps in improvisation in typing speed and accuracy. It has a multi-user interface, so each user can create a password-protected account, and can each user can specify their interface. The pro version supports 6 different languages. It contains each information and adaptation regarding a learning basis.

Max Type Pro includes many exciting exercises in the form of lyrics, source code, games, and sports, etc. for typing. There are rewards also that await the users to perform well in tests. Max Type also provides information on how to position the fingers and explain the fundamentals rules of touch-typing so that the users make less mistakes while typing.

The user can learn to place the fingers correctly while typing, and the user can have their statistical results that include accuracy, mistakes, and average speed for each hand. Max Type Pro has six different modes for learning lesson mode, extreme typing mode, problem-solving mode, exam mode, typing test mode, and the network challenge mode that acquire visualized results, daily and weekly result reports with advanced recommendations with automatic suggestions of best typing mode.

It helps to learn the time control systems with built-in the exercise library. The one can compete against the other virtually. Max Type Pro works with 64- bit and 32- bit editions of Windows 7, Vista, and different versions down to Windows 95, and most importantly, it is free to download for personal use. But with these cons, it has a disadvantage that it asks to download and install Babylon Toolbar to change the homepage and for the service provider.

10. Tux Typing – Tutor for Kids

Tux Typing knows that the key to teaching kids is to make it in a fun way. It has a design to make typing as fun as possible. It is the Linux Penguin logo program where the words fall from the sky, and the user can make them disappear before they fall to the ground together, end up in Tux’s belly.

The main menu of the program asks the user to choose a level ranging from Space Cadet to Commander. Within the test difficulty levels, there are different challenges from typing the alphabet to whole new words. There is a range of languages which is supported by Tux Typing Tutor with different outstanding backdrops, sounds, and effects.

Words fall with the rapid rate at hard levels, but being the delightful typing program, it makes the typing easy. With the new updated version, the user can create custom word lists from Tux Typing itself. But the con is that it works only in full-screen mode.


Summing Up

Typing software relies on muscle memory to lay one’s hands on the correct keys promptly. These software allows the users’ to type at the speed of thought and does not require any bells and whistles offered to be paid for tutors. Tux typing tutor software is good to use for kids, especially and KTouch typing software, and Typing Trainer software are the software that can be used by users to enhance their typing skills.

They can cater to users with learning difficulties and focus on problems. As experts design the software, there are many fill the bill choices. Every software program has their uniqueness in teaching, and the above lost offered hopefully enough options to help an individual to boost their productivity with accuracy.

Furthermore, the multi-sensory learning features with audio, video, and educational graphics and games typing technique have the energetic criteria and looking towards the technical side. The typing software can multi-devices accessibility, navigation, and interface, administrative management features.