Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s defamation trial in Fairfax, Virginia has captured the attention of the nation, and as a result, rumours regarding Amber’s alleged relationship with Mexican actor Valentino Lanus have resurfaced on social media.


Valentino Lanus and Amber Heard Relationship

They had a low-key relationship in 2006, when the Aquaman actress was still dating the Telenovelas star. Even though the Mexican actor was a well-known face from his roles in various soap operas, their romance only lasted around 10 months.

Valentino Lanus and Amber Heard Relationship

Amber was only 20 years old when she began her Hollywood career alongside Valentino Lanus, who was then 31. They were both frequent subjects of paparazzi photographs, both at public occasions and on multiple vacations they took together.

It is unknown for certain how the two individuals first came to know one another, however it has been speculated that a common friend may have arranged their introduction.

I don’t Understand Why they Ever Broke Up.

Although their love appeared to be flourishing, Amber ultimately opted to focus completely on her acting career and moved to the United States, ending her romance with Valentino in the process.

After several years, Valentino left the stage to devote himself to mysticism as a guru. This telenovela, Nada Personal, from 2017 was his last. Lanus decided to see the world and share his experiences online.

Heard’s 2015–2016 marriage to Johnny Depp and her starring part in the film Aquaman propelled her to Hollywood stardom.

She’s going through one of the most publicised trials in the media in recent memory, and he sued her for defamation, demanding $50 million in damages, because of a 2018 piece in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence.

Contrarily, Amber has filed a countersuit against him, asking for $100 million in damages.

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