5 Best Video Calling Apps to Talk With Friends and Family

Video Calling Apps are a great way to spend time with people who are far away from us, to have a face-to-face conversation with them. It could be your boss, colleague, friends, family, or someone special with whom you want to get in touch via video calling and thus you need to have a good quality video calling app on your phone and tablet.

Though there are indeed so many Video Chat Apps available, with more options comes a feeling of confusion which app is best for me, which app offers suitable features, will it work well with my device?

But you don’t have to worry about it because our panel of experts has picked up the Best Video Call Apps that you would enjoy. These Video Calling Apps are evaluated and tested to ensure that we recommend only the best.

Why Do We Need Video Calling Apps?

No one likes to stay away from their loved ones, but for one or another reason, we tend to stay away. The reason can be the job that demands us to stay away or study, etc. While living away from your family, it can become pretty tough to stay connected with your loved ones (and social distancing has made it even more robust than it was before).

Video calling is one of the best technologies that help us to get through such situations, and it allows us to see the person on the other side of the LineLine, allows us to have a face-to-face interaction with someone who lives far away from us.

However, some time ago it was almost impossible to get in touch with your family if you are living away; because back then video calling was more of luxury not everyone could afford it also it required a bit expensive & complicate equipment.

5 Best Video Calling Apps to Talk With Friends and Family

The following Video Calling Apps are the best suited for video calling, though most of them are free to use some also have payment options for extra added features.

1. Facetime

Video Calling Apps

FaceTime Application is a video calling app developed by Apple Inc solely to be used on Apple devices only. It comes as a built-in default application for video calling in Apple products (phones and mac running on Mac OS X, 10.6.6, or an upgrade version).

FaceTime Application can be used on any iOS supporting device with a front camera as well as on any Mac computer that is equipped with a FaceTime camera. You can also use Facetime for your windows PC using Bluestacks method.


1. Facetime is easier to make a video call even if you are in the middle of a voice call, you can swap easily.

2. You can add up to 32 members at the same time.

3. You can connect to any phone number or email address registered on FaceTime service from an iOS/macOS supported device.

Price: Free

Note: Facetime Application does not worth any device which is not supported by the Apple Operating system, i.e., it doesn’t work on any Android Supported device.

2. JioChat

JioChat is another best video calling app developed & owned by Reliance Jio Company. It is an excellent option for Android users, and it is also available on Apple Store. JioChat is similar to other social media applications like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger such as instant messaging along with voice and video calls.


1. It can be downloaded on Android as well as Apple devices.

2. JioChat is entirely free to use and does not show any pop-up/intrusive ads upon usage.

3. The unique feature of JioChat is that its software allows its users to not only make voice & video calls but follow their favourite channel.

4. JioChat provides the functionality of sending files such as PDFs, Mp3 files, Docs, Images you can also doodle, send stickers, emojis, etc.

5. The JioChat application comes with an easy, simple, yet faster interface for better understanding and usage.

Price: Free

3. IMO

IMO Best Video Calling Apps

IMO is another best app for communication, that allows its users to send text messages, make & receive voice and video calls with high quality. It is filled with features stated below:


1. Keeping user privacy in mind it offers complete end-to-end encryption, i.e., without any third-party interference.

2. IMO is accessible to not only iOS, Android but also on Mac OS & Windows.

3. Data consumption is very less for any form of communication, whether it’s a simple text messaging or voice or video calls.

4. You can share files, can make group voice & video calls with high quality.

5. IMO is available in three alternatives such as IMO beta, IMO plus, IMO HD, and is entirely free to use.

Price: Free

4. Line

Free Video Calling Apps

Line is a freeware Video Calling application designed and developed by Line Corporation a subsidiary of a Korean Internet search engine company, Naver Corporation. It was originally developed as a messaging app, but later on, it was upgraded as Voice & Video Calling Application.


1. You can chat with around 200 friends at the same time with thousands of emojis, stickers.

2. Line allows its users to make free voice calls, video calls, and can also conduct VoIP conversations, video conferences.

3. It is accessible through Android phones, iPhone, and Windows also.

4. Apart from messaging, voice & video calls, Line also provides other services such as Line Pay as a digital wallet, Live TV (video on demand), Line Manga and Line Webtoon for comics and children use.

Price: Free

5. KIK

Best Free Video Calling Apps

Last on the list but is filled with features worth exploring. KIK is a chatting application that was initially developed by the students of Waterloo University from the perspective of connecting Blackberry, Android, and iPhone users.

Also, KIK is very popular as a video calling application amongst youngsters with millions of users around the globe. KIK is accessible from both Android and iPhone devices.


1. Like every other video chat app, KIK features single & group chats, video calls, voice calls with media sharing feature, i.e., you can send videos, music files, images, etc.

2. KIK helps you make your chat enjoyable with stickers, GIFs, emojis, etc.

3. You can register simply using a standard username to make your account.

4. When you create an account on KIK it generates a code of your profile, you can show it to your friends all they need to do scan the code, and you will be added as friends.

Price: Free


All the Video Calling Apps should provide features mentioned in the article. However, it is essential to know that with market competition and rising technology, the developers of Video Chatting Apps continuously try to improve themselves to provide innovative features, functionalities, and optimizations to their users.

And as all most of the Video Calling Apps are free. There should be no problem in trying them and find out which one is best suited for you. Most of the Video Chatting Apps are accessible on both Android and Apple devices. Thus, you can pick up a Video Chatting App, and you can quickly get in touch with your loved ones.