Free Video Downloader: Don’t you hate it when the Internet goes berserk? Every time we walk into spots without the internet, we all start to have an existential crisis. Therefore, Downloading Video and MP3 have become a necessary part of survival today. Having the freedom to watch videos whenever we want gives us the safety net we want.

One can quickly get a Video Downloader on searching for it. But it’s difficult to choose the best once we are offered many great choices. Read further to find out the Best Video Downloader for PC and Mac OS.


What is Video Downloader?

Put, Video Downloader is an application that digitally transfers files into a device from the internet. A video downloader doesn’t necessarily only download videos for further decoding and using on computers.

In today’s growing world, all the video downloaders offer many more services. These include extracting audio, file conversions, batch downloads, and much more. Each video downloader has specific attributes.

And selecting the video manager suitable for your needs is the most challenging thing to do. Hopefully, this article will help you choose a Video Downloader that allows you to complete your job without any complications.

How to Choose the Best Video Downloader

Although a video manager should have the necessary download feature in its arsenal, it is also inevitable for them to keep up with the changing times and come with new features. The minimum requirements to be considered for choosing the best video downloading the app are:

1. It’s reaching in terms of access to many web-hosting services.

2. Ability to support all formats and codecs.

3. Zero interruption during downloads, easy recovery of files after the disruption.

4. Batch download.

5. Capability to extract audio codecs.

6. Conversion of video into different formats.

7. User-Friendly Interface.

9 Best Video Downloader to Download FB, YouTube, and Instagram Videos

We have come up with an article to show you the best Video Downloaders for macOS X. This will help you select the best version of Video Downloaders for your needs.

1. VideoDuke

VideoDuke is one of the cutting-edge video downloaders for the Mac system. Supporting over a thousand websites, it offers its users to either go for a simple mode or an advanced one. While the simple mode of VideoDuke allows you to save video content from almost any video-hosting website, the advanced mode displays all the resources related to the site and lets you choose to download the specific or all of those resources.

VideoDuke has may resource to offer, starting from being able to download YouTube playlists to music. It also has tools that help the user to manage them. VideoDuke has a user-friendly interface for Mac that allows the user to complete their work with simple steps.

2. Elmedia Video Downloader PRO

Arguably the best video downloader for Mac OS is Elmedia Video Downloader Pro. The free version of Elmedia Video Downloader PRO has a large number of amazing features. One of them is a built-in web browser that allows you to surf the internet and find the right video to download. It will enable its user to play the video in any format and resolution.

The free version of Elmedia Video Downloader PRO also offers features like extracting audio, downloading SWF resources, and much more. Its PRO version has all the features of the free version.

Along with them, it has a much-needed connection to Airplay Music, playback enhancement options, EXE to SWF conversion, etc. While the Elmedia Video Downloader PRO’s free version is helpful, the PRO version gets you the best utilization of all the resources at hand.

3. Get Tube

Get Tube provides all of YouTube’s contents from its interface as if it were a desktop client or a web browser. Get Tube comes with a button in the bottom right corner to download the currently playing video. It also offers a search engine to scour the entire internet for exciting videos.

Get Tube video manager has the feature of downloading videos in different resolutions. Accompanied by downloading MP3 to get the audio files and add it to the iTunes collection of yours. One of the most exciting parts of getting Tube is that it can carry out batch downloads.

When it comes, get MP3 Youtube, the quality of mp3 matters a lot. We suggest always download high-quality 320kbps music. If you are looking for a Tube Catcher in Mac, Get Tube is your best bet.

4. Total Video Downloader

Total Video Downloader has the capability of downloading videos from multiple online portals. Acknowledging the difficulty in finding videos, it provides a simple search button to retrieve videos once the download is complete.

While most advanced features of Total Video Downloader can only be used in a purchased product, it also fails to support all video codecs. However, it provides a fascinating attribute to download live streaming videos as well. Giving its user a faster system, Total Video Downloader also enables batch download from a particular portal.

5. 4K Video Downloader

Categorized as one of the latest video manager with cutting-edge technology. 4K Video Downloader has given all its resources to help the user meet their needs. It has some downright astounding features like 360-degree video download. Comprising a 3D video download, it can even extract subtitles from YouTube videos.

4k Video Downloader supports all of the popular websites. It has come up with advanced features like the smart mode and an in-app proxy setup that can access the blocked videos in your region. If you need a customized video manager that works best when personalized for your need, 4K Video Downloader works best.

6. jDownloader

JDownloader has a reputation for being able to quickly and efficiently download files from various web-hosting services. Suitable for novices, jDownloader automatically separates multiple addresses copied in the clipboard. This complete download manager not only makes your download faster but also manages the accounts of various hosts.

It also assigns a new IP address to a free account holder of a web-hosting service. Although JDownloader has almost everything a user requires, it also gets frustrating when the interrupted downloads are not recovered completely. JDownloader is best suited when users tend to reach their download limit quite easily and still want more.

7. YouTube to MP3 Converter by MediaHuman

MediaHuman is mostly used when we want to save a soundtrack for offline playing or want to download the soundtrack of a new movie. This software was developed specifically to download all music from playlist or channel in the highest available quality.

MediaHuman provides users with a multilingual interface to have a larger reach. MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter allows its users to download original soundtracks, which ensures zero quality loss.

Having a simple tag editor, MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter saves time and traffic. It helps its user download from various web hosting services inclusive of YouTube.

8. YTD Video Downloader

YTD or YouTube is one of the best video downloading tool. It has a simple GUI, which actively allows video downloads and also for video conversions, but it requires an upgraded version to do both at the same time.

Quite easy to use, YTD Video Downloader also supports batch downloads. But it is often misunderstood that YTD Video Downloader is used explicitly for YouTube.

However, it provides its services for many other websites. YTD Video Downloader is a must-have for users having cross-platform needs. It offers its user the easy to retrieve the files from the “Activity” window only.

9. Video Downloader by Freemake

Freemake has fared very well for Windows OS. Its highly successful campaign in Windows has been one of the reasons why Mac users are hell-bent on having this platform for them. Freemake has put all of its resources in making a Mac version of its software and will be launching it soon enough.

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