Everyone once in their lives has wished or wanted to experience Disneyland, especially those who have been huge fans of Disneyworld, not to mention its characters, however, the thing that fascinates the most about this theme park is that it is known for its amazingly incredible rides.


Dark Ride At Disney World

The theme park has many things on its plethora to entertain us that it is extremely hard to pinpoint which one among the shows and the rides grabs the attention of the people. According to the Disneyland attractions list, there is over 53 attraction that alone includes 49 rides, however, even in that rides, there is this ride named, “Dark Ride”, which has a different level of craze among people.

Video of Lit Up Dark Ride At Disney World

Dark Ride has been Going Viral on the Famous Video-Making Platform, Tiktok

Just now, an unusual and exceptional video of an illuminated dark ride has been going viral on the famous video-making platform, Tiktok. For many years, with the changing time as well as with the incorporation of new superheroes and fairytales such as Star Wars, Pinocchio and others, Disney has beautifully blended these tales with their rides. In this way, they always ended up making the spectators quite excited and awestruck every time.

Back in 2002, Disneyland started its first-ever Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster, and ever since, numerous people from across the globe have come up with the thought of riding in it. Moreover, with the arrival of this recent video on Tiktok, the spectators were completely speechless and their thoughts have reached a new ecstasy and why would not it be, it is the first time that they have seen the rare footage of the Rock n roller coaster with lights on.

Roller Coaster was First Uploaded By

The footage of the lit-up roller coaster was first uploaded by a TikTok user named, “@everythingdisney133” on 14th August 2021, after which the viewers have gone frenzy and entirely spell bounded.

Though it is not visible who captured the beautiful view, as the video continues to play, the sound of music playing in the background as the small clip allows the viewers to witness what the complete ride looks like.

Within a couple of weeks, followed by its uploading date, the video has garnered more than 9M views and achieved 1.3 M likes. Well, before this Tiktok user, there has been another user on Tiktok who also shared a small snippet of a lit-up tower of terror.

Last Words

This video also was one of its kind and within few hours, it received more than 73K views. Although to date, no one knows who created the page, it has certainly become a famous channel among people who adore and love Disney Worlds and not to mention its rides.