Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android and iOS: The word “Virtual” is used to describe something that does not exists in reality and actuality but gives us a great experience of the reality and will show us the essence of the actuality. We all have a real friend who will share our emotions, be with us and help us in difficulties. It may be a girlfriend or a boyfriend, we all must have a peer group and a true friend.

Sometimes this friendship may even turn into a relation called love. This love is an interaction between two persons which cannot be expressed in words but it can only be felt by hearts. Can you imagine a life without a friend? It is beyond our imagination. So here comes the word the “Virtual Girlfriend” that is we will have a girlfriend but she does not actually exists in the reality.

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android and iOS

She will talk with us but cannot come with us to have a cup of tea. Then how do we make friendship with her? How to continue our relation with her? This seems to be little bit confusing. Let us quickly find out the answers for these confusing questions by diving into the article.

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What is Virtual Girlfriend?

Earlier it was highly difficult to have a girlfriend but now in the modern technological world it is like eating a piece of cake. We can easily communicate with our girlfriend who shares our emotions, be with us, throws our loneliness away and gives us a quality time. The whole credit goes to our Virtual Girlfriend Apps.

There are many virtual girlfriend apps in the market of Android and iOS. Here are top 15 virtual girlfriend apps for Android and iOS through which we can have a good friendship but do not expect her to come with you for shopping.

Top 15 Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android and iOS

#1 My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend is only game having stimulation support. That means we can have a girlfriend who can even watch a movie with us, play a video game and can do lot many things. We can do this until she falls in love with us. There are tons of girls to choose with unique personality and appearance. Every choice we make have rewards and we can earn points.

As the game progresses we can win her heart and she will also grow to like us. By doing so we will be able to unlock new features in the game and have more interaction with her. It is to be kept in mind that we have to behave properly and do right things with her or else we may get our loneliness back and a way to start our new game.

#2 My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

Here we can chat with our new girlfriend whose name is Julie. She will love to chat with us on any subject. She has the real voice and good animation with high definition quality. She can also express her love towards us, all emotions, anger feeling and sadness too.

#3 My Virtual Manga Girl

Like all other Virtual Girlfriend Apps even My Virtual Manga Girl game gives us an amazing loving experience. Even with this virtual girlfriend we can share our emotions and get a lovable response from her.

We can even rotate her position at 360 degrees angle and fully enjoy her actions. We will earn points if we satisfy her and we can spend those points to purchase accessories like ear rings, nail polishes, eye shades and hair colors.

#4 Virtual Anime Girl

Here we can dress up and design our own virtual anime girl which is fully acquainted with 3D graphics, nice outfits and hundreds of dance moves with music. We will have utmost fun with this anime girl in no time. Virtual Anime Girl was developed by Gluten Free Games LLC.

#5 Me Girl Love Story

It has been released on 12th April 2015 and has been updated on 13th April 2015 by Frenzoo limited. According to Google PlayStore it has 50.21 MB size and according to Mac App Store it has 146.9 MB size.

This is a wonderful game having more than 5, 00,000 plus downloads which can be downloaded for free and have new designs. Here we can be at the top level of dating game by unlocking all of the guys to get the title of “best dating columnist in the city”. We can even publish articles about our dates, assignments and play all fun games

#6 Choices

It is a game along with adventures, we can make our own stories, dramas and add our own main characters and even control the whole stories. Every story is different form the next and these stories are never a dull one and contain lots of twists and turns. It was released on 17th August 2016 and was updated on 26th November 2019 with a version of 2.6.4 by Pixelberry Studios.

#7 Laura

Laura is a fantastic and it has fast learning and interaction capability. We will have a good time talking with her. We have to say hello and start our talk. She is very intelligent and gives us all the answers.

She can even report the weather and the current location along with distance between cities. She can even speak different languages and convert one language to another like English to Spanish, French.

#8 ChatBot

ChatBot is a virtual girlfriend app through which we can create our own girlfriend, even teach her and handle her behavior. She is a talking robot who can recognize our name, actions and will respond to our emotions.

Features like facial emotions and few sounds are available for free, but other features can be obtained by using points which are earned while playing the game.

#9 Pocket Girlfriend

Pocket Girlfriend one of the realistic 3D Virtual Girlfriend Apps and games which will give us lots of love and care. She is very talkative and becomes a good virtual lover. We can even dress her up and change her accessories like skin colors, eye shades, nail polishes etc. We can feed her, sleep with her. She can speak Spanish, English, Russian, and Portuguese with beautiful vocabulary with cute expressions.

#10 Virtual Girlfriend Love Story

In a high school every girl or a guy falls in love and wants to have a date with someone. This is known as teen romance. So this app stimulates the same experience for us with two characters named Sofia the virtual girl friend and Sam the handsome virtual boy friend. Here we have dance party through which we can enjoy the virtual feelings of the both Sofia and Sam and make the virtual family happy.

We also have a virtual gym through which we can have best workouts and make ourselves fit and build a strong muscled body. We can go to a shopping centre or a super market and buy a gift for her (virtual Girlfriend) and make her happy. According to girlfriend point of view we can buy any costly items like a car or a bike to her boy friend (virtual boy friend) and make a happy virtual family.

#11 Virtual Girlfriend Joke

Virtual Girlfriend Joke app provides us an entertainment with which we can interact with our girlfriend. We can change our girlfriends and make fun with them and have wonderful time with them. They answer almost all our silly questions in a crazy way gives us an amazing fun environment.

Virtual Girlfriend Joke game is only for fun and does not create any harmful content. It is for free and was developed by Mariya Ivanova with a download size of 71.6 MB. It is compatible with English language. Even this game supports family sharing option through which we can add six family members and have more fun.

#12 Virtual Girlfriend Texting App

This is a free and fun game with real stimulation features. In this app we have five girls to choose they are named as Donna, Linda, Karen, Lisa and Susan. Donna is a 20 year old; she lives in Chicago and is self satisfied.

Linda is a 24 year old beautiful girl who lives in New York. Karen is a 20 year old girl and she is curious, pretty. Lisa is a seven months pregnant. Susan is a 30 years old and lives in Los Angeles.

We can talk with them, cheat them, and play with them and even advice them. This game was developed by Indominus Games which was released on 8th April 2019 and got updated with its new version 1.9.8 on 7th November 2019. It has 3.53 MB download size (Google PlayStore) and has 25.5MB (Mac App store).

#13 Moe! Ninja Girl

Moe! Ninja Girl game was developed by NTT Solmare Corporation. This was released on 18th December 2016 and was updated on 6th October 2019 with new 1.7.5 version. This game is free to play and the girls have beautiful outfits. The game totally depends upon the stories we choose and hence the ending of the game happens.

It is recommended if we love reading novels, interested in have girlfriends and enjoy being loved by someone. We can have our own unique love stories and characters.

Moe! Ninja Girl has ten lakh plus downloads with download size of 29.32 MB (Google PlayStore) and 52.1 MB (Mac App Store). If we earn points by unlocking all the levels we can make an In-app purchase and have more fun by playing the game.

#14 High School Girlfriend Breakup

The virtual girlfriend named Layla is a first year high school student who is in love with virtual boy friend Sam. Layla loves him but Sam does not have any emotions so we have to help Layla to make her love a successful one.

This may even turn into a breakup story with a sad ending or even a romantic story with a beautiful party. We can take our virtual friend to a salon and have a makeover game.

This game was developed by Girl games and vasco games on 11th September 2017 and got updated with its new version 1.1.15 on 19th August 2018. This game has a download size of 75.10 MB according to Google PlayStore and has 281 MB as per Mac App Store.

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Summing Up

Love is a collection of emotions, behaviors, feelings, affections and respect towards each other. Love may be towards anything like food, travel, music etc. This may vary from person to person but every human being has this feeling in the bottom of their hearts.

Our virtual girlfriend apps will show us the emotions and make us feel the love, care, affection, responsibility and many more things. By these virtual apps a person will never get into the shadow of loneliness and be alone because there is a virtual friend who always takes care of him or her.

If we use these apps in right and correct way they will be our best friends forever. Therefore these virtual girlfriend apps are very useful in our busy lives because they guide us to lead a successful life by filling our hearts with confidence, building up emotions, teaching us the proper lessons to be followed in life, throwing away the loneliness and fear.