7 Best Virtual Mailbox Service Business and Travelers

The world today is not the same as it was. Every day brings a new technological marvel into the world every day, and we need to get accustomed to it. The traditional mail system is still an integral part of our lives. But we need to move on to a better version of mail services. We are now offered with Virtual Mailbox Service.

Virtual Mailbox Service are used in receiving, forwarding, or discarding any emails and packages from the mailbox. Moreover, they are easily accessible online. Virtual mailboxes helped people manage their mail systems effectively and efficiently.

8 Reasons Why Virtual Mailbox Services are Better Than Traditional Mail System

  1. Virtual mailboxes get rid of accumulated piles of mails. Once you get rid of this mail clutter, a lot of time can be saved only by logging into the virtual mailbox and scanning all your emails.
  2. Saves time and transportation as its difficult to check your mailbox or go to post offices to collect emails. A virtual mailbox can scan and respond to all the items instantly.
  3. It saves you the hard work of changing your addresses every time you move. It can be problematic for you if your job requires moving and changing addresses a lot.
  4. Offers the best scanning services.
  5. It provides high security and privacy.
  6. Best package forwarding services.
  7. Ease of accessibility.
  8. Provides reliable mail delivery.

 Top 7 Virtual Mailbox Service

1 – PostScan Mail

One of the top 3 virtual mail service provider in the U.S PostScan Mail. Because it helps users control mail deliveries online from any location.

Following 3 easy steps of selecting a mail address, sending them a mail and telling them to perform mail scanning, mail forwarding, physical mail storage, shredding, recycling, mail archiving, adding multiple users, and filtering the emails

It offers 55 local mailing addresses nationwide. PostScan Mail’s service provides 30 days of free storage of physical items.

 2 – Earth Class Mail Review

Earth Class Mail is one of the most secure Virtual Mailbox Service. It uses virtual addresses for mails with prepaid labels. Earth Class Mail offers the ability to scan and digitize high-resolution PDFs. It also provides us with Desktop and Mobile views, which are pretty easily accessed online.

Along with secure facilities, Earth Class Mail also serves us with bank-grade encryption with automated searches and fully searchable text. They also include services similar to Virtual mailbox, for instance, mail forwarding, mail scanning, mail storage, and secure check deposit handling. Earth Class Mail Review is a part of one of the few systems that facilitate integration with Business tools.

 3 – Traveling Mailbox

One of the few mailing systems that have made its mission to provide high-quality mailing services and forwarding services. All this without compromising its exceptional customer service. Traveling Mailbox performs services like an online postal mailbox, mail storage, US Postal Service, filtering of emails, mail scanning, and many more.

Allowing its users to access their contents from anywhere securely. Traveling Mailbox also performs the tasks of scanning, forwarding, and shredding. Moreover, it provides unlimited cloud storage. Traveling Mailbox also has an interesting feature of keyword tagging, which increases the effectiveness of document retrieval.

4 – USA2Me Service

USA2Me Service is celebrating a decade of dominance over their competitors. Its high scalability and a personalized system for its users has been the best part of their services. It works in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – After signing up, your USA address will be the one-stop for purchases, packages, and mails.

Step 2 – Then, your items are mailed to your address and registered to your mailbox.

Step 3 – Manage your USA letters and packages online and ship items worldwide.

USA2Me Services has been successful because of its business model that provides specific users with specific purposes, having to do more than mail forwarding, or being an expatriate or even different services for business.

USA2ME Service provides users with a Personal shopper that assists with buying. All of its services like mailbox inventory, forward shipments to you, scan urgent letters or even discard junk mail are accessed easily via its Mailbox Manager.

5 – USGoBuy

USGoBuy pride itself on offering the most affordable courier service providers. It is one of the most interactive services. It has a long-term relationship with FedEx, US Postal service, which allows them to provide the most reasonable prices to their members.

USGoBuy Review has an easy registration process with no membership fees, no monthly fees, free consolidation services. Providing its users with 60-day free storage, USGoBuy Review has no hidden costs whatsoever.

It is estimated that an individual can save upto 85% of their costs with this reliable parcel forwarding agency. It has stayed up to date with having an online management portal through which digital documents can be managed efficiently.

6 – Mailbox Forwarding

Offering its users a new and convenient way to handle their mailing system. Mailbox Forwarding has a remote mailbox service, which helps us always to have access to paper mail whenever and wherever we want to.

One can receive and view all of its mail online. And do so whether it be letters, documents or packages, received by any postal service, i.e. USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Not having any service downtimes, Mailbox Forwarding. Offers both Standard and Premium addresses. Having one of the cheapest subscription plans, this provides all the essential virtual mailbox services along with free mail shredding.

 7 – US Global Mail

US Global Mail is one of the most trusted services that use mailbox forwarding to manage their snail mail. Over 80,000 people have taken up their services, which offer to save upto 80% off retail shipping rates. Easy to set up with 3 easy steps being

  1. Sign up, pick a plan, and provide with a physical address to forward your mails to. Furthermore, US global Mail notifies once they receive your items. And then logs them into a Virtual Mailbox, which is accessible via a secure login.
  2. Your Virtual Mailbox will enable you to select your mail, which needs to be scanned, bundled, and shipped. It also provides us the ability to shred junk mails and deposit bank checks as per instructions.
  3. Providing all the shipment with a great discount.

Providing us with one of the most private and secure services, US Global Mail has focused on increasing customer relationships.



So, this was our list of best Virtual Mailbox Service. Go through the list carefully and pick a suitable Virtual Mailbox Service for yourself. Thank you for reading!