Vizio is a popular brand recognized for its affordable and high-quality TVs. One crucial aspect of enjoying your Vizio TV is understanding how to program the remote control.

This guide covers everything you need to know about programming your Vizio remote, including how to pair an RCA Universal remote or Xfinity remote with your Vizio TV, understanding remote codes, accessing the manual, learning button functions, and syncing your Vizio remote with a Samsung TV.

Vizio Program Remote


How to Program a Vizio Remote

Programming your Vizio remote to control your TV involves a few simple steps:

  1. Power on your Vizio TV.
  2. Point the remote towards the TV.
  3. Press and hold the ‘TV’ button on the remote until all the top buttons light up.
  4. Enter the programming code for your Vizio TV (you can find this in the remote manual, online, or try a common Vizio code like 10178 or 11758).
  5. If the code is correct, the ‘TV’ button will blink twice. If not, it will flash a long blink, indicating that you should try entering the code again.
  6. After successful entry, test the remote by pressing ‘Volume Up’ or ‘Volume Down’. If the TV responds, the process is complete. If not, repeat the steps with a different code.

Programming an RCA Universal Remote to a Vizio TV

The RCA Universal remote is a versatile control unit that can be programmed to work with multiple devices, including Vizio TVs:

  1. Manually turn on your Vizio TV.
  2. On the RCA remote, press and hold the ‘TV’ button.
  3. While holding the ‘TV’ button, enter the code for Vizio TVs (typically 11758 or 12707).
  4. Release the ‘TV’ button, and the power button should light up.
  5. Press the ‘Power’ button on the remote. If the TV turns off, the remote has been successfully programmed.

Programming an Xfinity Remote to a Vizio TV

If you’re an Xfinity user, you can program your Xfinity remote to control your Vizio TV by following these steps:

  1. Turn on your Vizio TV.
  2. Press the ‘Xfinity’ button on your remote control.
  3. Using the arrow keys, navigate to the ‘Settings’ icon (looks like a gear).
  4. Go to ‘Remote Settings’ > ‘Setup Remote’ > ‘TV’ > ‘TV Pairing Wizard’.
  5. Select ‘Vizio’ from the list of brands and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the pairing process.

Understanding Vizio Remote Codes

Remote codes are unique numbers assigned to different TV brands to ensure compatibility with universal or multi-device remotes. For Vizio TVs, the most common codes are 10178 and 11758. However, if these do not work, consult your remote’s manual for a list of codes or search for them online.

Accessing the Vizio Remote Manual

The manual for your Vizio remote provides comprehensive information, including setup instructions, remote codes, and troubleshooting tips. If you’ve lost your physical copy, you can find digital versions of most Vizio remote manuals on the official Vizio website.

Learning Vizio Remote Button Functions

Understanding the button functions on your Vizio remote enhances your TV viewing experience:

  1. Power: Turns your TV on or off.
  2. Numbers (0-9): Changes the channel or inputs numbers.
  3. Volume Up/Down: Adjusts the volume.
  4. Channel Up/Down: Changes the channels.
  5. Menu: Opens the TV’s menu.
  6. Input: Changes the TV’s input source.
  7. Mute: Mutes or unmutes the TV’s audio.
  8. Arrow Keys/OK: Navigates through the TV’s menu and selects options.
  9. Exit: Exits the TV’s menu or returns to live TV.
  10. Guide: Displays the TV’s program guide.

Programming Vizio Remote to a Samsung TV

If you want to use your Vizio remote to control a Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  1. Manually turn on your Samsung TV.
  2. On your Vizio remote, press and hold the ‘TV’ button.
  3. Enter the code for Samsung TVs (typically 0056).
  4. Release the ‘TV’ button. If the code was correct, your Samsung TV should respond when you press the ‘Volume Up’ button.

In conclusion, programming a Vizio remote or pairing it with other brand TVs or universal remotes can seem complicated, but by following the right steps, it becomes a straightforward task. With your newly programmed remote, you’re all set for an enjoyable TV viewing experience.